How to Identify Fever in Cats in a Simple and Effective Way

Surely it is not easy to know how to identify fever in cats as we can determine if our pet is presenting a feverish picture, you may notice that your cat is apathetic and decayed, which makes us think that he is sick. However the idea is to know what really happens to him in order to help him. You can see our article completely and know about the fever in cats symptoms.

One of the most frequent questions in the owners of cats is how to identify the fever in cats, in an effective way so we invite you to continue reading this and discover how to know if your cat is going through a picture Febrile and how you can know it in a timely manner.

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How to Identify Fever in Cats in a simple and effective way

You may be able to identify fever in cats through certain signs or stages, which your kitten may experience. You may notice that you are restless or distressed. This type of symptomatology can be the signal of a disease in the animal.

This type of situation is to examine your pet, to know if you have a fever or not and can ask for help from a veterinarian to avoid greater evils. In order to identify the diseases like cancer in cats or else the fever in cats you must observe your cat and see its behavior. Below are the signs of fever in cats.

Signs of fever in cats

There are signs or symptoms that can help us how to identify fever in cats in your cat body, we can find indications of the presence of this, so start by knowing some basic aspects that reveal that your pussy presents a feverish picture.

His nose

The first aspect that reveals that a cat has a fever is the nose of the animal, cats like our canine friends and they have a wet nose, if you notice that this is somewhat dry it is very possible that your cat is presenting some fever.


Another way to know if the cat is presenting fever is through its breathing, if you observe that heavy breathing cat it is accelerated as well as the beating of your cat heart is too high, then it is very possible that your cat is presenting a fever, which is why you should go to the veterinarian immediately.

Attitude and vitality

When a cat feels bad it shows in his attitude and vitality, you may notice that your feline is visibly affected and listless which makes him stay most of the time lying with his eyes irritated and heavy.

Take your Temperature

It is possible that the symptoms described above are an expensive sign of the presence of fever in your pet. However but if you want to know how to identify fever in cats in a safe and effective way, then you should take the body temperature of the animal.

For this you must introduce a thermometer in the animal’s rectum. In the case of adult cats the usual temperature ranges between 38 to 39 ° in puppies and is common to reach 39.5 °, if you notice that your cat has a higher temperature than these, then there is no doubt that your pussycat have a fever and you should go immediately to the treating veterinarian.

fever in cats symptoms

Taking the temperature rectally is not at all pleasant for the human, you can imagine for an animal especially for a cat, so if you decide to take the body temperature of your pet, we recommend that you ask someone for help to hold him while you do the work.

Never self-medicate

If the cat is indeed having a fever, it is very important that you do not self-medicate, the idea is to take it to the doctor to determine if there is any underlying disease that is causing the presence of fever in the animal.

Common diseases that Cause Fever For Cats

There are diseases that cause the presence of fever in the cat, the idea is to know them and the way you can prepare yourself for their appearance in the animal’s life.

  • Allergies: It is possible that a cat may suffer from them at some time in their life, so this may be the cause of the presence of fever in your pet.
  • Bronchopneumonia: inflammation of the bronchi is one of the most common causes of fever in cats, so you should be aware of this disease that can become chronic very easily and if not treated in time your cat lifespan will be reduced.
  • Flu: It is considered one of the most common disease and this depends on the time of year, so you should be careful about it.
  • Conjunctivitis: This is an cat eye infection which can appear in the eyes of the animal which could cause fever in it.

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  • Cataracts: Although many do not consider it, cats can suffer from cataracts and if it is not treated effectively can trigger the permanent blindness of the animal, which can cause fever in it.
  • Gastrointestinal problems: consuming a food in poor condition or contracting a virus, can be the trigger of fever, vomiting and diarrhea, have a look at my cat has diarrhea and know more.
  • Otitis: an ear infection is common in cats and thereby can trigger fever in your pet.

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If you already know how to identify fever in cats, it’s time to know what to do in the presence of it in your pet. It is very important that you have some special care such as keeping it hydrated, likewise keeping it in a warm place just like putting wet compresses on your body can be very helpful in lowering your fever while you take it to the vet.

If you notice that during these palliative treatments the cat does not replenish itself, it is of vital importance that you go immediately to the veterinarian, in the same way under no circumstances you provide medicines for the fever of humans or dogs, even if they are recommended for cats. Ideally wait for the veterinarian to recommend the exact dose for your pet as any alteration of drugs can be fatal for your pussycat. Visit our catsfud for more information.

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