Large Cat Breeds: Choosing The Right Cat For You


15 Different  Types Of Cat Breeds

The ragamuffin is a type of large cat breeds that is capable of reaching 14 kilos in weight, a giant in the world of domestic felines. Do not be afraid of its size, everything that has it of great it has of affectionate. In addition, we are talking about the perfect host who goes out to receive visitors. Other breeds of cats that grow to unsuspected limits are the Maine coon and the savannah. The first, famous for its tail similar to that of the raccoon has a muscular body and a very dense semi-long fur. Savannah, on the other hand, is a mixture of a serval cat and a domestic one, not very common in homes. Around the 10 kilos of weight is the cheetah , a pussycat with leopard aspect and soul candid with his humans. Explorer and with a lot of energy, this is this big domestic cat.

In the category of 9 kilos we find the adorable ragdoll (a “rag doll” that will be abandoned to your caresses), the wild (in its appearance) Chausie, the majestic Norwegian and Siberian forests and the originally folded ears backward, highlander. It is necessary to clarify that when we speak of big cats, the males weigh the most and in certain races, the difference of sex presents a marked difference of kilos.

Large Cat Breeds

A cat of 6 or 7 kilos, even if it belongs to the lightest category of large cat breeds, it is still a pussy of important dimensions since on average a cat weighs about 3-4 kilos. The strong British cat with long hair, the rek Selkirk, with striking curly hair and the flat Persian cat can reach 7 kilos in weight. The Turkish van, whose white body contrasts with a characteristic spot on his head and the American bobtail, with a very short tail, like a lynx weighing around 6 kilos. We tell you a little more about these breeds of big cats, their character, origin and curious aspects of its morphology. Which one do you like the most according to your appearance? And according to his personality?

Types of  Large Cat Breeds

Here, some different types of cat breeds.

  1. Male ragamuffin cat
  2. Maine coon
  3. Savannah cat
  4. Gato cheetoh
  5. Ragdoll cat
  6. Cat chausie
  7. Norwegian forest cat
  8. Forest cat of Siberia
  9. Highlander cat
  10. British short-haired
  11. British longhair
  12. Cat Selkirk rex
  13. Persian cat
  14. Turkish van
  15. American bobtail cat

A male ragamuffin cat can weigh 14 kilos:

ragamuffin cat

Ragamuffin Big Cat Breeds: The ragamuffin cat is … huge! A male is capable of reaching 14 kilos of weight, 14 kilos that, on the other hand, are pure affection for children and adults. If he even goes out to receive everyone who comes home! His body is sturdy and covered with a good amount of soft hair. Photo: Takashi Hiroshima.

The Maine coon can weigh 11 kilos:

Maine Coon

Maine Coon Big Cat Breeds: The Maine coon is one of the largest breeds of cats that exist reaching up to 11 kilos in weight. It owes its name to the state of Maine (USA) since its ancestors were felines that the sailors took to this place in the middle of the XIX century. These kittens were mated with cats from the area and the result was cats with semi-long hair and tail similar to the raccoon, hence the “coon” by “raccoon”, raccoon in English.

The Savannah cat weighs around 11 kilos:

savannah cat

Savannah Big Cat Breeds: The savannah, which is a mixture of a serval and a domestic cat , weighs around 11 kilos and boasts a slender body dotted with specks or classic patterns or marbling. This breed of cats is not very common so you can not generalize about their personality and behavior. There are examples that are very sociable and friendly with strangers and others who prefer to hide.

Gato Cheetoh, the Minileopardo that weighs 10 kilos:

Gato Cheetoh Cat

Cheetoh Big Cat Breeds: The cheetah cat is very reminiscent of a leopard because of its fur and elegant walking. When he is an adult he can weigh about 10 kilos, he has a lot of energy, he is very exploratory and with humans, he is docile, affectionate and very tender. Anyone would say it because of its wild appearance! Photo: Chris Rue.

The Ragdoll cat usually weighs 9 kilos:

Ragdoll cat

Ragdoll Big Cat Breeds: The ragdoll owes its name (rag doll in Spanish) to the capacity that has to be abandoned like a stuffed animal in the arms of the one that catches and caresses it, in fact it is one of the most affectionate cats that exist. It is usually around 9 kilos in weight, 9 kilos of pure love, docility and affection.

The cat Chausie can reach 9 kilos of weight:

Chausie Cat

Chauise Big Cat Breeds: This cat of wild aspect, relatively new and fruit of the cross breed of wild and domestic cats with short hair usually weighs between 6 and 9 kilos. It is not suitable for all the owners , it is very active, if it is bored and it is only it can be destrozón and it does not have patience with the children. Photo: Wilczakrew.

The Norwegian Forest is capable of reaching 9 kilos:

Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Big Cat Breeds: The majestic forest of Norway is capable of weighing up to 9 kilos. This cat breed, famous in Nordic legends and Scandinavian fairy tales, has a smooth, shiny coat and a water-repellent lower mantle. Love to relate with people.

The Forest cat of Siberia can weigh a maximum of 9 kilos:

Forest cat of Siberia

Siberia Forest Big Cat Breeds:  Like the Norwegian forest, the Siberian forest can reach 9 kilos in weight. We are before the national cat of Russia, a pussycat that, due to the cold and the rigors of its habitat, has developed a very strong constitution and a three-coat water-repellent coat.

The Highlander cat can reach 9 kilos in weight:

 Highlander cat

Highlander Big Cat Breeds: The male highlander cat can weigh 8 or 9 kilos. It is not a fat cat but very strong and with good muscle mass. The most characteristic of its morphology are its ears, bent strangely backward. They also have a short tail. Eye because it is often stressed if you feel uneasy in the environment.

British Short-Haired, the typical English cat can weigh 8 kilos:

British Short-Haired Cat

British Short Haired Big Cat Breeds: The British Shorthair belongs to the breeds of short-haired cats most popular in Britain, if not the best known and is capable of weighing 8 kilos. This cat has a robust appearance and rounded contours, its fur can be more than 100 different combinations of thrones and patterns. They are affectionate and kind to people and other pets. Photo: Presnyakova Olga.

The British Longhair can weigh 7 kilos:

British Longhair Cat

British Longhair Big Cat Breeds: The British long-haired is a cat of strong constitution and compact body that can reach 7 kilos of weight. He is calm, independent and a good hunter. He has a strong personality that does not take away from being affectionate at all. The blue ones are considered a bit more stubborn.

The cat Selkirk rex can reach 7 kilos of weight:

cat Selkirk rex

Selkirk rex Big Cat Breeds: This big cat draws attention to her curly hair. The Selkirk rex has a muscular body whose weight can reach … the 7 kilos! He accepts the children willingly, he is very patient. Photo: Heikki Siltala.

The Persian cat can weigh 7 kilos:

Persian cat

Persian Big Cat Breeds: The weight of the Persian cat oscillates between 3.5 kilos and … 7 kilos! His body is robust, has short legs and a hair very leafy and soft. Of its face, it emphasizes its nose more or less oblate according to the exemplary one.

Other Articles On Cats:

The Turkish van is a feline whose weight can be 6 kilos:

 Turkish van cat

Turkish Van Big Cat Breeds: The Turkish van is a large cat whose weight can reach 6 kilos. This pussycat loves water and enjoys bathing, not in vain from the area around Lake Van, in Turkey. His body is usually totally white except for some spot on the head and several tones on the tail. On many occasions, he has one eye of each color.

The American bobtail cat has an average weight of 6 kilos:

American bobtail cat

American Bobtail Big Cat Breeds: This cat, whose distinguishing feature is its short tail very similar to that of the lynx, has an average weight of about 6 kilos. Like its wild relative, the American bobtail his hind legs slightly longer than the front ones.


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