Maine Coon Cat Names For Your Pet

Looking for a name for your Maine Coon cat? Maine Coon has a long list of memorable, outstanding traits that can help you choose a unique name for your feline. From his relaxed personality almost dog like to his myths and legends about the origin, principal Coons can offer a variety of name ideas for his race.

Do you have a Maine Coon cat, but you have not decided yet how to call it? Then, you should take a look at the list of cat names Maine Coon that we propose. You can read the cat names for both males and females and choose the one you like the most for the cat in the house.

Maine Coon Cat Names

Choosing between names for cats according to their breed can be a very good idea when choosing the name of the cat, since these names are related perfectly to the character and personality of each pussycat. Which of these cat names Maine Coon convinces you most?

Names for Maine Coon Cats

Below are some of the unique female cat names and male cat names for the maine coon cats. These cats are having a good look so that many of the owners are attracted to them. Below are the best maine coon names have a look at them.


It’s one of the most beautiful and elegant Maine Coon cat names, do not you think? It is ideal for playful cats, but always spend a moment of the day to get your side more cuddly and affectionate.

  • NUT

Nut is the goddess of heaven, creator of the universe and the stars, according to Greek mythology. However it is an ideal name for both Maine Coon cats. In English, it is translated as “walnut”.

  • LISA

Surely this name is familiar to you by the famous television series The Simpsons, since it is the name of the middle daughter of Homer and Marge Simpson, sister of Bart and Maggie. Lisa is an ideal name for ready, naughty and curious cats, who stand out for their intelligence and security.


Of Germanic origin, Bruno is a funny name for playful cats and means “dark skin”, so it could be ideal for cats with a black or dark gray coat. This is one of the unique cat names for the maine coon.

  • GEA

Gea is the primal goddess who personifies the Earth. The importance of this deity magnifies the meaning of this name for independent and calm cats.

  • ATUM

The Egyptian legend tells that Atum was the god of the Sun, “he who exists by himself”. This name for male Angora cats combines very well with the curious and calm nature of these cats.

  • DEVA

The Celts had Deva as their water goddess. Despite being a short name for cats, it is ideal for curious and calm cats. Deva means “bright.”

  • LETO

According to Greek mythology, Leto is the mother of Apollo and Artemis. Being revered as goddess of the night it is a perfect name for Maine Coon cats calm, to be able to be with the mantle of black or gray color.

  • UMA

According to Hindu mythology, Uma is the goddess of light and beauty. It is an ideal name for Maine Coon cats intelligent and docile.

  • NEIL

In addition to remembering the first man to set foot on the Moon, Neil Armstrong is a name for curious and playful Maine Coon cats.

Maine Coon Cat Names

best maine coon cat

Here is an alphabetical list of names created from their origin, race, physical appearance, temperament, social patterns and name a famous cat Maine Coon (MC).

  • Bam Bam
  • Great guy
  • Cop
  • Breezy – We breathed
  • Bully
  • Calico
  • Captain – of the Marines Janks
  • Horses – The Book of Cat, the first documented in the Maine Coon literature.
  • Charm – MCS are known to be loving and familiar.
  • Chirp – They are known for their short squeaks as meows.
  • Coon cat
  • Coony
  • Cosey – Name of the MC that won the Best in Show in 1895 exhibition of cats.
  • Diesel
  • Fluffy
  • Duke
  • Furry
  • Fuzzy
  • Galileo – MCS stand out for their intelligence.
  • GG – gentle giant
  • Gran (e) – large in Spanish or French.
  • Harry – MC are hairy
  • Hunter Maine – The Official Cat of the State of Maine.
  • Maine fluff
  • Marie – Marie Antoinette is said to be the reason why MC are found in the US.
  • Partner
  • Dissident

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Hope you have got the collection of the best maine coon cat names for your pet. From these names you can select the one which you like the most and keep that name for your pet. If you have any other names then simply share with us. For more information on names simply visit our catsFud website.

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