Milbemax for Cats What is it? How does it act?

Want to know about milbemax for cats and what is it? Is it a parasitic infection. Most parasitic infections that affect cats are those caused by round worms or flatworms. Novartis has launched an anti parasite to the market that is responsible for eliminating these kinds of parasites in cats milbemax cats.

Both types of parasites are lodged in the intestine and in most of the cases they  do not present a symptomatology that indicates that the pet is infested with worms. However, your intestinal tract may be plagued. This situation will end up causing  the vomiting and diarrhea, weight loss, anal irritation and growth problems, especially if the cat is a puppy.

Milbemax for cats

The milbemax kitten will be infected too much with these types of worms. If you want to know more about this you can simply see our article and know about it which may help your cats in effecting from these types of worms.


Types of worms in Milbemax Cats

Below are the different types of worms in the milbemax cats, you can simply have a look and know about the each type of the worm that may cause the milbemax in cats.

Flat Worms

The invaders are flat, elongated and segmented. They are eliminated by the feces through segments that carry eggs. They can be identified because they are similar to grains of rice and can be discovered around the hairs of the anus of the animal, in their feces or in their bed.

Milbemax cats

The most common are dipylidium caninum and Taenia taeniaformis. The first ones arrive at the cat through the cat fleas, which ingested the eggs of the hair or the feces of an infected cat. When another cat licks and swallows one of those infected fleas the chain begins again. The most usual is that a cat that has fleas is affected by this parasite and vice versa.

Taenia passes to cats through small rats and mice of hunting cats. The eggs which have already been ingested by rodents are transmitted to the cat that has hunted and eaten the meat of the infected animal.

Round worms

They are the most common intestinal parasites in cats: Toxocara cati and Toxascaris leonina. They are in the faeces and can pass to other cats, even for the rodents meat that acts as intermediate hosts.

Milbemax cats

In the case of the toxocara it is also transmissible to the puppies by the milk of the mother. This way of getting infected is very common, so many small cats are usually infected.


We speak of a tremendously dangerous disease that is more common in dogs, but that affects other animal species including the cat. It is better known as a heartworm. The parasite Dirofilaria immitis is transmitted by a mosquito. The disease can go completely unnoticed or suddenly, present with such virulence that results in fatal consequences.

Milbemax for cats

While diseases that require the intervention of a mosquito for its transmission, as is the case of leishmaniosis, it only spreads through certain species. In the case of the filaria there can be many types of transmitting mosquitoes.

The nematode can develop in such a way that it measures between 12 and 30 centimeters and usually lodges in the right ventricle or in the pulmonary artery.

What is Milbemax for Cats

Milbemax for cats is a broad spectrum internal antiparasitic from Novartis laboratories. It can be used in specimens that exceed six weeks and can not be administered to puppies with less than half a kilo of weight, in its version for puppies, nor to cats with less than 2 kilos in their composition for kittens.

Its presentation is in film coated tablets, so that the cat does not notice the taste or smell of medicine, although they carry veal flavoring. The pads also come slotted to facilitate being divided in case of being precise by the type of dosage.

Composition and Administration

Its composition is based on two main active ingredients 4 mg of Milbemycin and 10mg of Pazicuantel for small cats and kittens and 16 mg of Milbemycin and 40 mg of Pazicuantel for cats with more than two kilos.

milbemax kitten

Both active principles aim to modify the permeability of the membrane of parasites to certain elements such as chloride ions or calcium. In any case the muscular membranes are affected, paralyzed and die. The elimination is produced by the intestinal tract. The tablets are administered orally. It must be in one shot. Accompany it with some food or provide it after the animal has eaten. This enhances its protective effect against filariasis.

Do not exceed the dose prescribed by your veterinarian. Anyway the usual dosage is ½ tablet of Milbemax for small cats and kittens, if the animal weighs between half and a kilo. For small cats and kittens weighing between one and two kilos one tablet will be administered. You can see the kitten growth chart weight and know your pet weight.

When we talk about bigger pets we will have to acquire Milbemax for cats. In this case ½ tablet will be administered to pets weighing between two and four kilos, 1 tablet for those weighing between four and eight kilos and compressed and a half for cats weighing between eight and 12 kilos. For other weights you should consult with the veterinarian.

Indications of Milbemax Cats

This medication is indicated to treat and prevent mixed infections by cestodes and nematodes, whether they are larvae or adult specimens. The species over which it exercises a control are:

  • Cestodes: Taeniaspp, Dipylidium caninum and Echinococcus multiloucaris.
  • Nematodes: Toxocara cat, Ancylostoma tubaeforme.

Milbemax cats is also trained for the treatment to prevent Dirofilaria immitis or filariosis, provided that it is indicated in a treatment linked and compatible against cestodes. For the parasitological control to be developed with total efficiency, it is necessary to assess the epidemiological information and the risk to which the cat is exposed. It is also advisable to treat all animals living in the same house and must do so simultaneously.

In the case of an infection with Dipylidium caninum, it is normal to help with a treatment that has a range of action over intermediate hosts. We must watch mainly colonies of lice and fleas. Acting on fleas in cats will prevent reinfection.

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It is essential to wash your hands very well after administering the treatment of Milbemax cats. This article is merely informative. It is important that before any decision and medication of your cat, you consult a veterinarian, so that it is he who prescribes milbemax cats or any other antiparasitic for cats and will guide you on any questions that may arise. Visit our Catsfud for more information on cats.

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