Obesity in Cats – Consequences Of Obesity In Our Cat’s Health

The obesity in cats affects an average of 40% of cats today this is a high percentage and we could say that it is almost half of the population, one of the main causes of this kind of phenomenon is poor diet and sedentary lifestyle, we do not need to see a very obese cat to determine the problem, even if touching it you do not feel its ribs because this is an obesity problem that must be treated early.

The causes of this problem are varied and can range from a high calorie diet to a sedentary lifestyle, if you have cats and you think it is possible that your kitten has a few extra kilos because it is time to give the best and help in the difficult process of weight loss. For the welfare of your pet we invite you to continue reading this article.

obesity in cats

In this we will give you all the information about these beautiful animals and all about their diet, customs and care, so if you are a cat lover you can not miss our post which are made with all the love for these wonderful pussycat


Obesity In Cats How We Can Identify Overweight In Our Pet

The problem of obesity in cats can be due to many causes and one of the biggest causes that are found in cats with obesity is a diet with high caloric content, however hormonal problems play a leading role in these types of situations and even sterilized cats are more likely to gain weight.

cat obesity chart

Consequences of Obesity in Cats

Obesity in cats is not only an aesthetic problem it is a big health problem, which can lead to an innumerable list of consequences regarding the health of the cat and here are some of you.

  • Increased apathy, worsening physical appearance.
  • Disorders in the motor part such as arthritis, osteoarthritis or herniated discs.
  • Cardio respiratory difficulties and digestive conditions, such as liver necrosis, constipation and the increased likelihood of developing cat diabetes.
  • Cutaneous disorders and vision problems.
  • Risks in surgical interventions which could complicate your health.

How can we Feed a Cat that is Already Overweight

If you have already identified the problem of weight of your cat, the ideal is that you start to carry out a series of measures that your cat and your health will thank you, the main thing is to control the feeding of it to lower the dose of food and invitalo to play a little more, although it seems simple and can be very helpful and you will notice how your cat returns to a healthy weight over time.

Controlling what you eat is a simple step for the health of your pet, it is possible that the food you give it regularly have components that help your cat is gaining weight, so it is best that you look for a product that provides a balanced diet, and that contains a high amount of protein and a low level of calories.

Such a homemade cat food will help you lose weight while maintaining your muscle mass. In this way, you will achieve that your metabolism is balanced and you can add foods high in fiber, this is a way for your cat to feel satiated more quickly.

cat obesity

Then stop giving food between meals, is a step that will help you eliminate those unhealthy kilos of more in your pet, excess food and eating at disordered times cause obesity in cats, help with low calorie foods, accompany Dietary changes with daily exercises will be very helpful for your cat.

Advice for the prevention of obesity in cats

If your cat does not have obesity problems it is perfect, nevertheless it is better to prevent than to regret, so the best thing for our pet does not suffer from this type of problems:

Feed your cat correctly from puppy, this will help you to have a good food education from the beginning, this is a good way to avoid obesity in cats.

The portions you give are vital and do not get used to large portions, on the contrary that are appropriate for their age and size, if you have doubts about it, you can guide you through the nutritional table of some I think, however if you have any questions consult your pet’s veterinarian.

Sterilization and its consequence in obesity in cats

The sterilization can affect the weight of your cat as cat losing weight, since you can see a loss of the ability of this to regulate the amount of food consumed and this results in it eating more than it ends up causing its eventual overweight. This is more common in cats than in cats.

This intervention causes a series of hormonal alterations which generate changes in the basal metabolism and a reduction in energy needs. As a result of increased intake and decreased energy expenditure cause the increase of adipose tissue of the animal, we can note that in males the increase in consumption is greater, while in females it is the reduction of energy expenditure.

obesity cat

Sterilization is commonly associated with decreased physical activity, some studies have shown this theory, which causes cat owners to take the appropriate precautions so that their pets do not gain weight and stay healthy.

These metabolic consequences are secondary to the hormonal changes arising from the surgical intervention this is because sterilization modifies endocrine homeostasis which induces a new state of equilibrium in which the hormones involved in obesity and the deregulation of the body predominate glucose metabolism.

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It is important that a physical activity is maintained in the animal this with the purpose of favoring the energetic consumption and the development of the muscular mass for what the ideal is the daily practice of exercises are clear and precise specifications adapted to the capacity of the animal.

Remember that pets are part of our family, we must take care of them and love them, respect them and above all have them under a lot of responsibility since they depend on us for many things, responsible ownership is extremely important. Adopt not buy!

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