Oriental Short air / Characteristics And Facts

Oriental shorthair cats are medium-sized, but feel heavier than they appear. The body is similar to that of a Siamese: long, thin, long tail in the form of a whip and long, slender legs. The head is triangular cuneiform, of straight profile, with large ears very separated. The coat of the oriental is very short and close to the body. Its texture is fine and lustrous. The short-haired Orientals present a great variety of colors and patterns.

  • Fur: Short
  • Cleanliness: Less than once a week
  • Ruidoso: Alto
  • Activity: Alto

Oriental Shorthair Cat

The Oriental Shorthair is the traditional representative of the oriental family and the unicolor relative of the Siamese cat . Together with the Persian , they are the architects of many of the races of today. Despite being a well established race.


Characteristics Of Oriental Shorthair Cats

Know about the each and every detailed characteristic of the oriental shorthair cats.

Oriental Shorthair Cat -Origin

In fact, the oriental is a Siamese with a coat of different color and green eyes (except in the case of white, which has blue eyes). Its form and temperament are identical to those of the Siamese. The oriental cat was created by crossing Siamese cats with other races to produce different colors. Black is known since then as black oriental. The next oriental race to be developed was Havana. A chocolate-colored Siamese. Since then, selective reproduction has given rise to many more colors and fur patterns.

Oriental Shorthair Cat

Country Of Origin

America / Great Britain

Oriental Shorthair Cat – Behavior

The Oriental is a very stable cat, usually manifest a great aplomb. These stealthy felines, possess an affectionate and communicative character, will demand company at the first opportunity. We must also highlight his powerful voice, perceptible almost from his earliest childhood and making his maximum exhibition in the epochs of zeal. The Oriental can live in indoor environments although he will appreciate the escapes to the outside.

Oriental Shorthair Cat – Appearance

The Oriental Shorthair is a medium-sized cat, with a slender and delicate body and long limbs. The head, as in all Orientals, is triangular, with a fine snout and a long nose. Ears; large and pointed. The long tail and finished in tip. The eyes are almond shaped in different shades of green. Hair, short and shiny, close to the body. As for the colors, there is great variety: all unicolor variants, turtles, smoke, tabbys and bicolors.

Oriental Shorthair

Oriental Shorthair Cat – Specific care

The Oriental Shorthair does not need too careful attention, just a good brushing every now and then to avoid the accumulation of dead hair.

Oriental Shorthair Cat – Health

The Oriental is usually a healthy and robust cat. The only remarkable thing, as in other oriental races. Is the appearance of some case of Strabismus (alteration of the optic nerve produced by the cs gene).

Oriental Shorthair Cat – Personality

Like the Siamese, the oriental is an intelligent and curious cat that makes its presence felt. He loves to communicate with his human companions and awaits an answer. He wants to be part of the family and enjoy games like fetching a crumpled paper ball. The Orientals need to keep themselves entertained with toys and do not like to be left alone. So if you work out all day long, it would be good to have another Oriental.

Oriental Shorthair

Oriental Shorthair Cat – Health

Oriental cats can be very long-lived. Although the life of most Oriental longhair is long and healthy. There are several disorders that seem to be associated with the Eastern family. These are disorders similar to those of the Siamese, with which they are closely related.

Oriental Shorthair Cat – Nutrition

Each cat is unique and has its own philias, phobias and needs as far as food is concerned. However, cats are carnivores and each cat must obtain 41 different specific nutrients from its food. The proportion of these nutrients will vary depending on age, lifestyle and health in general. It is necessary to pay attention to the amount of food necessary to maintain ‘ an ideal physical state ‘ according to the feeding guidelines and according to the individual preferences regarding the type of food (wet or dry).

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Oriental Shorthair Cat – Cleanliness

The short, shiny coat of the Oriental does not need much care. Although the cat will enjoy the attentions that such care implies. As with all cats, an annual veterinary check-up.


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