Persian Cat and Very Curious Things About Them

When we think of the Persian cat the air of elegance and distinction that emanates naturally comes to mind. Today it is part of many homes in the world and in fact it is one of the most domestic cats a persian cat. Today we are going to share about the persian cat personality and their behavior. You can see our article and know more about it.

Affectionate, presumptuous of aristocratic bearing, lazy at times and very calm, this is the Persian cat is one of the most loved and admired domestic felines. We will tell you interesting curiosities about Persian cats and how long do persian cats live. These are most affectionate cats with humans like american shorthair cat.

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Persian cats are very quiet animals which get along well with children and other animals and enjoy calm environments. Although these black and white persian cat are docile and calm they also enjoy playing and spending time alongside their tutors and they do not demand attention, but they like to receive it. For more agitated families, the Persian cat can be considered very “quiet”. With large round eyes and a small, flat muzzle, they were named because of the region from which they came Persia, where Iran now stands.


Care of Persian Cat

The Persian cat is a medium-sized cat like calico cats, although some specimens can weigh up to 8 kilos. You have to know that they require a lot of care and that it is a race that does not like to be too long alone. It tends to overweight so you have to take care of your diet and brush it often due to the high density of hair.

Origin of the Persian cat

The Persian cat was introduced in Italy by the adventurer and traveler from Asia (Ancient Persia) hence its name and from Turkey to France by Nicolas, both at the beginning of the 17th century. The current Persian cat breed as we know it was developed in the late 1800s in England and being the result of crossings with the Turkish angora to get the current long coat.

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From France he would soon arrive in Great Britain from where he became very famous. Other Persian cats with long hair came to Europe from countries with Afghanistan, Burma and China.

An Aristocratic Cat

Victory of England (Queen of the United Kingdom from 1837 and 1901) was one of her great admirers. At the moment they are cats that live in many homes of the world occupying the first positions of the feline world pedigree. These persians cat names are unique and are different too  like the Manx Cat.

Persian Cat Sociable and Affectionate

The race of the Persian cats is considered one of the most mimosas, calm and presumed, since it demands a great deal of attention frequently. It is affable and affectionate nature. They love the company and are especially sociable with children.

Persian Cats in Adoption

In litters of Persian cats which are very small (between 2 and 3 pups) the blue kittens are less developed at birth than their siblings of other colors. Currently it is difficult to adopt them, because most come from specialized breeding sites, in the breeding and care of this breed of cats know more about what breed is my cat. We will always be in favor of adoption and regardless if it is a breed kitten or not.

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Persian Cat Chinchilla and Peke Face

Chinchilla Persian: It is a Persian cat variety sometimes unknown which is characterized by a bone structure is finer and delicate, it has large green eyes with a black marking at the edge of the eyes. As a curiosity, about the character of Persian chinchilla is to say that he is more active than Persian cats and loves to hunt and run but he does not usually tolerate being cuddled or hugged. These persian cat lifespan are more compared to other cats.

Persian Peke Face: There is a recent variant of the persian cats personalities called peke-face, with different physical features especially on the face, due in its origin to a natural mutation that occurred in 1930. The Persian cats peke-face have an extremely flat snout, his face is flatter and the nose closer to the eyes like a ragdoll cat. This can cause some peke face to have constant tearing problems or respiratory conditions.

Beware of Obesity in the Persian cat

Obesity in Persian cats is especially dangerous and they are very prone to fattening after sterilization, both in females and males. It is also a very delicate breed and requires frequent brushing care to avoid problems of hairballs and annoying knots. Also sometimes it is advisable to bathe them and most them don’t know do persian cats shed or not.

persian cat lifespan

Sometimes obesity will not help and may cause other common health problems in Persian cats, such as kidney disease ( polycystic kidney disease ) and cysts which can trigger kidney failure in cats. Like any cat it is required to go to the veterinarian as soon as possible, if any anomaly in his health is detected.

Persian loves to be spoiled

They say that Persian cats love piropos, reacting and being more affectionate than usual when listening to them (this will have to be confirmed by some owner!). Is it because of his aristocratic past? or because they know they are majestic.

Descendants of Persian Cat

Currently the races that originates at the intersection of the Persian are Himalayan or Exotic Shorhair. All of them inherit the calm and kind character of the Persian and make them perfect cats, for company in the home.

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Definitely. The Persian cat is a cat with personality and character, but also has a large dose of affection and tenderness to those who share their lives with him. And you, do you have or have you had a Persian cat ? Share with the Catsfud community your experience with this special cat.

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