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The Ragdoll cat is the result of a cross between an Angora cat and a sacred cat from Burma. It is a cat recognized for having a peculiar character very different from other breeds of cats because they are especially affectionate and dependent on their masters or all the people who are members of their home. Some even label him as a dog living in the body of a cat due to his docility and his gestures of affection every time they want to say hello to someone they missed.

The name Ragdoll translates into Spanish rag doll and were baptized with this name due to the relaxed muscle tone of his body. That is when a Ragdoll kitten hugs you or lies on top of you, you will feel like a stuffed animal because when you relax your body projects a so relaxed and comfortable texture giving the impression of not even having a skeleton, these are like different types of tabby cats which you can see.

Ragdoll cat

Ragdoll kittens are one of the best breeds to adopt. If you want to know what is a ragdoll cat then you can more from us. Check our article completely and know about the ragdoll cat personality and also knwo about how long do ragdoll cats live.


Origin of the Ragdoll Cat breed

The Cat Ragdoll breed emerged in California in United States in 1960. The first litter was born from a cat (Angora) called Josephine and a cat called Warbucks (Sacred of Burma). Ann Baker its breeder selected breeds of cats like munchkin kittens with gentle personalities with long and semi-long coats that is to say with specific characteristics selected so that the result of the crossing was a cat breed with a beautiful physique and a docile personality which was perfect to be a house cat and above all very social with humans.

Physical Characteristics of Ragdoll Cats

The main physical characteristic of Ragdoll cats or “rag dolls” is their low muscle tone and the great flexibility they possess, Which also makes them take strange positions and stretch like catlike acrobats. But they are also known to have another strange characteristic since it has been discovered that they are quite tolerant of pain because they have little sensitivity.

ragdoll kittens

It is a large cat breed by which they can weigh 5 to 8 kilograms even some males can weigh 10 kilograms. This breed is included among the largest domestic cat breeds and they grow up to 4 years of age. They have a long or semi-long hair with blue oval eyes and a large and broad head with medium ears with rounded tips a white or light body with ears, legs, face and tail of a darker color. The legs are long where the hind legs are a little longer than the front ones and the big and hairy legs.

Ragdoll cats are usually born with defined color patterns and characteristics of this breed. Some are:


With legs and abdomen of white color with some tiger marks.


White legs and abdomen and with certain patches also white on other parts of the body


With legs, ears and part of the face of dark color. And also with a white stripe on its legs and abdomen.


With legs, ears, tail and part of the face of dark color. And the rest of the body a lighter color. Similar to the siamese cat.

Characteristics of Ragdoll Cat Personality

The Ragdoll cat has a beautiful and perfect personality to live with a family of humans in a home. They are very affectionate and they adapt to coexistence with children and with other pets. And in addition they have a very dependent character on their family. They will always need company and pampering from their masters know more about why do cats knead you and bite you.

For their characteristic elasticity they will lie on top of you and relax in the most docile way. So they are perfect to take a sit down cuddling with them and enjoy their company.

ragdoll cat breed

They are even very quiet because they do not usually meow they only emit a slight sound when they require attention from their family but that is all. They are smart and quickly learn the tricks you teach them such as jumping or picking up toys.

Ragdoll Cat Health

Ragdoll cats are usually strong and healthy cats. However like many cat breeds they are prone to some diseases and they mainly depends on the ragdoll cat size. This is due to its genetic nature that is they are not questions of some specific races. You can give the medicines like buprenorphine cats side effects but you must know before it. The diseases that a Ragdoll cat can suffer are:

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

Which is a cardiac ailment that consists of increasing the thickness of the walls of the heart.

Calcium oxalate bladder stones

This breed of cat is prone to suffer from this disease which consists of the supersaturation of urine by calcium and oxalate.


The feline infectious peritonitis is a disease caused by a feline coronavirus and can be fatal if not taken care on time as it can start as simple diarrhea but if the virus mutates could cause death.


It is a condition that any cat of long or semi-long hair is prone to suffer since they are the accumulations of hair balls inside the digestive tract.

These diseases are treatable and can be prevented by providing your cat with the necessary care and taking it to the veterinarian periodically to maintain a control of the functioning of their organs and their health in general.

ragdoll cat personality

Cat Care Ragdoll

The care that a Ragdoll cat needs is not different from that of a cat of any race of long hair fortunately due to his docile personality they will also enjoy the moment of grooming because they will feel that you are consenting.

  • You should brush your long or semi-long hair 3 times a week to remove dead hair and avoid knots and also to avoid the accumulation of hairs in the digestive system.
  • Cleaning your eyes, ears and teeth periodically and with great care other wise cat dandruff may occur.
  • Clean your tail carefully removing all traces of dirt or poop.
  • Cut your nails carefully with a special nail clipper for them every 2 weeks.
  • You can apply from time to time some paraffin oil solution in your food this to also fight the hairballs.
  • Periodic visits to the veterinarian.
  • Have the vaccines up to date.
  • Keep your litter box clean.

Cat Price Ragdoll

The first thing that we would like to say in this section is that Catsfud always recommends adopting and also doing it assuming the great responsibility it entails. There are cats in protective that need affection and a home in which to be able to grow out of the dangers of the street.

That said if you still want to be able to get a Ragdoll cat the price of this breed with pedigree raised with all the guarantees and veterinary controls is around  700 and 1000 euros in Spain. As always we will ask you to demand first of all responsibility for good care the nursery and for your part that you meditate very well the decision because it is a living being that will demand your care from the first day and from which you have to take responsibility without any counterpart.


As you can see we have learned a lot about the “Ragdoll Cats”, we hope that this article is interesting to knwo about the ragdoll cat breed and ragdoll cat lifespan and you can purr it on your social networks. Also leave us your comments if you have a cuddly Ragdoll kitten at home. Visit our catsfud for more information.

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