Rare Cat Breeds You Probably Don’t Know

The Egyptian cat does not have hair or more exactly has a very thin layer of hair almost imperceptible to human sight and touch. Their whiskers are very, very short and some copies lack them.The munchkin rare cat breeds has very short legs and a very long body. It would be the dachshund of the cat world but with a stuffed face.

There are cats that do not have a tail or if they have it its size is insignificant, it is very strange to see it in a domestic cat. We speak of races such as the manx and the pixie bob, the latter looking very similar to the lynx (wild cat that actually has a minicola).

Rare Cat Breeds

Another aspect by which cataloging certain breeds of cats as rare is the peculiar shape of the ears of the individuals that form it. We refer to the scottish fold, whose minimal ears appear folded forward contrasting with a large round head and elf cat, a feline bald with ears back, like those of a goblin.There is a race whose fur is curly, characteristic that draws attention within the feline world, dominated by short hairs, long or semi-long but smooth. To the cornish rex the hair grows curly and short, very curious.


What are Rare Cat Breeds special characteristics due to?

In many occasions, that a cat has a body similar to the one of the dachshund , be it pelón or does not have tail is fruit of a genetic mutation that happens in a certain moment. However, those special patterns tend to be repeated with selective crosses. This is how these breeds of cats recognized by the relevant organisms come to light.

We present you some very special cats that we are sure will surprise you. And, as always if you have been thinking about having a cat for a while. Would like to get a copy of one of these peculiar breeds. We recommend giving a second chance to kittens that wait in the animal shelters. It is an experience that will enrich your life but also yours. Dare to take the step!

List Of Rare Cat Breeds

Here we are providing the list of rare cat breeds.

  1. Scottish fold
  2. Egyptian cat
  3. Munchkin Cat
  4. Cornish rex
  5. Gato savannah
  6. Gato laperm
  7. Ukrainian levkoy cat
  8. Exotic shorthair
  9. Gato american curl
  10. Pixie bob
  11. Elf cat
  12. Gato manx
  13. Peterbald
  14. Oriental cat
  15. Selkirk rex

Scottish fold

Scottish fold cat

Of this breed of cats their ears attract attention. Very small and folded forward in contrast to their large and round head. In Britain it is forbidden to cross a male and a female of these specimens. Because the offspring may have bone and arthritis problems when they are adults.

Egyptian cat

Egyptian cat

The Egyptian cat is one of the rarest breeds of domestic felines in the world. Because it has no hair on the body (if we stick to the truth yes it has a thin layer of hair but almost imperceptible to our eyes and touch) and many times It has no whiskers.

Munchkin Cat

Munchkin Cat

The munchkin is the dachshund of the feline world. Its legs are very short and its back is longer than normal. This breed of cat arose from a natural genetic mutation. But then it has been maintained due to selective crosses.

Cornish rex

Cornish rex cat

The cornish rex has a peculiar short and curly coat . This particularity is the result of a spontaneous genetic mutation that occurred in the 50s in England.

Gato savannah

Gato savannah cat

The savannah cat is genetically manipulated and is the result of the mixture of a domestic cat and an African serval. His spots and stripes on his hair and his muscular body resemble those of a leopard . By running wild blood through your veins. Your character may not be as domestic as we expect so it may not be the most appropriate to have at home.

Gato laperm

Gato laperm cat

You will be surprised by the curly hair of this adorable kitten. The laperm can be long or short hair. Its origin goes back to a kitten of a litter that was born without hair in Oregon, in 1986. With the passage of the weeks it began to grow a very soft curly coat and after three or four months it was completely covered with this curious hair.

Ukrainian levkoy cat

Ukrainian levkoy cat

The Ukrainian levkoy is a very recent breed of cats. He was born in 2004 from the crossing of a female sphynx or Egyptian cat and a male with fallen ears. Logically, he does not have hair, only that almost imperceptible hair and ears bent forward. This cat is only found in Ukraine and Russia .

Exotic shorthair

Exotic shorthair cat

Can you imagine a cat with a Persian face but with short hair? It exists and it is called exotic shorthair or exotic cat. It has a calm and affectionate character .

Gato american curl

Gato american curl cat

The most peculiar thing about this cat are its curved ears, from which tufts of hair emerge. This pussy does not need special attention, just a frequent brushing if it has semi-long hair and the usual cleaning of its characteristic ears as they accumulate waste.

Pixie bob

Pixie bob cat

This cat, which looks like a lynx , highlights its small tail , just like the wild cat. Some specimens of this breed are polydactyl, that is, they have more than 18 digits.

Elf catElf cat

The crossing of sphynx and american curl results in the elf cat, an Egyptian with ears curved backwards . These domestic felines are very intelligent and sociable.

Gato manx

Gato manx cat

A cat without a tail? If possible. The manx cat can have it very small and therefore be of stumpy type or directly lack it and correspond to the rumpy type . This rarity is the result of a mutation of a dominant gene that affects the vertebral column of these felines.

Other Articles On Cats:

Peterbald Cat

Peterbald cat

The peterbald belongs to the same category of hairless cats as the Egyptian or spynx however. It does not have the typical pear-shaped belly of the latter. Like the rest of hairless felines, it should not take much the sun because it could burn easily.

Oriental cat

Oriental cat

This cat with huge ears and sharp face comes from Thailand . It has a stylized body and short hair. Is very playful.

Selkirk rex

Selkirk rex cat

This cat with thick and curly hair is very popular in the USA. and Canada where it is known as the “sheep cat”. This domestic feline can have long or short hair, lives many years and has a very sweet character.


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