Russian Blue Cat: Character, Care and Curiosities

The Russian blue cat is considered as a perfect companion for the human being and is that most cats of this breed are known to be very social with humans. They are easy to care and independent cats. There are many other cat in russian but the most popular once’s is the blue russian kitten. It has attracted many people with its long hair and sharp looks. If you want to adopt this pet you should know about its origin, Character and its curiosities too.

Little is known about its origin, however the thickness of its fur coat indicates that it descends from cold weather. Specifically as its name suggests they are from northern Russia. It is one of the oldest cat breeds that exist today and there is no evidence that it has undergone genetic manipulation by humans. You can know more like how long do russian blue cats live and survive from our article.

Russian Blue Cat

Russian blue is a cat breed easy to distinguish between other breeds. Particularly because of the silver tone of his coat. They are short haired and medium-sized cats. They were brought to Northern Europe in 1860, but their first appearance in society took place at an exhibition of cat breeds in 1875 in Landres, however only until 1939 the breed was officially recognized as Russian Blue, as before it was compared to others Blue breasted cats like the Carthusian Cat and sphynx cat. Nowadays this elegant race has participation in several feline fairs, having an important role for the judges.


Character and Personality of the Russian Blue

The Russian Blues are intelligent cats, elegant, calm and somewhat shy but at the same time they are lovers of games like norwegian forest cat. They love to run, jump, climb the highest places in the house where you can observe carefully and also have fun with humans and other pets.

blue russian cat

The long haired russian blue are independent cats that can be left alone at home during the day without any problem. A little suspicious with people who do not know but with their owners are very loyal and on demand they expect love and pampering. So if a Russian Blue Cat feels love for you, you better respond to his love with many pampering otherwise they will feel depressed and ignored.

Physical Characteristics of the Blue Cat

The blue eyed cats are of medium size. With a strong and elegant body structure. The short coat and of gray or bluish silver color. They have large round eyes with an emerald green color.

The males can weigh 3.5 to 7 kilos and the females of 3 to 5 kilos. Its head has the shape of a triangular prism neither long nor short but proportional to the size of its body. They has the Broad pointed ears at the top and its tail is quite long proportional to the size of its torso and also with short hair.

cat in russian

During 1939 which was the year in which the Russian Blue race was officially recognized, the Second World War began. Period during which for the English breeding places it became more difficult to obtain cats of pure race. For this reason, they began to cross the Russian Blue cat with other Scandinavian breeds which gave rise to the physical characteristics of cats belonging to this breed today.

You can distinguish some types or variants of this breed, if you want to know what breed is my cat then you can look from us. Depending on its origin whether it is European or American.

Russian cat of European type

Within the European variants we can distinguish some russian blue long hair cats that are smaller and more stylized, with a more fluffy appearance. Other cats of Scandinavian origin have a stronger constitution, with fur a little longer and less fluffy.

Russian cat of American type

As for those of American origin these are the cats with a profile and a slightly more stylized body line and ears that start a little below normal.

Health and Care of the Russian Blue Cat

The breed of Russian blue cats like all breeds of cats can suffer some diseases that suffer from simple genetic inheritance. However due to their strong build they tend to be healthy cats with an average lifespan. Russian blue lifespan mainly depends on their growth. You can see the kitten growth chart weight and know more about it.

blue russian kitten

  • What you should do if you have a Russian blue kitten, is to take it periodically to the vet. Do not wait for this patient to do so because the ideal is to have control of their vaccines and their health in general. In order to prevent the development of diseases for these blue russian cat.
  • Something you should know and that you should be aware of is that they are cats with a high appetite. For this you must take care of your diet, if you can control it you will avoid reaching a state of obesity.
  • A Russian Blue should be provided with the necessary care such as brushing his fur to remove the excess of fallen hair and thus avoid problems of Trichobezoars (accumulation of hairballs in the digestive tract).
  • Brush your teeth at least once a month to prevent periodontal diseases. You can see cat teeth for more information.
  • Be aware of the cleaning of your eyes because these russian blue cat with blue eyes gets rare diseases and clean ears regularly and carefully.
  • Cut your nails and make sure you have a scraper at home where you can sharpen them. In case you do not know how to cut your nails you can look at the Post about how to cut cat nails.
  • Provide the right feed that provides the right nutritional values. According to the recommendation of your head veterinarian.

Russian Blue Cat Adoption

Russian blue cats have been charming humans with their beauty and tenderness for many years throughout history. For this reason it is a very desired breed by people interested in sharing their life with a cat in their home.

how long do russian blue cats live

At Catsfud we will always recommend adoption as a first option, whether or not it is a race. But it is true that these cats usually breed in certified farms and it is difficult to find them for adoption. The price of a Russian blue can range between  450 to 700 euros.

Meditate a lot on the decision it is a responsibility and unfortunately the abandonment of cats is a sad reality. As we saw these kittens in addition to being beautiful, elegant and physically strong, they also have a perfect personality to be your best companion.

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