Russian Cat Names With Meanings

A funny and elegant russian blue cat has just arrived home and it is time to decide what it will be called. Do you like names for cats according to their breed like russian cat names? Below you will find a list of names for Russian Blue cats for males and for females. In addition if you want to know the meaning of these names for cats we will provide a brief description with the most curious information of each appellation.

If you are a true lover of Russia and its traditions or have simply been carried away by the passion of Russian classical literature, we will offer you a complete list of Russian names for cats. Discover which of them is the perfect one for your cat.

russian cat names

Do not forget that the name of a cat will be a key tool for your cat. And is that cats are very intelligent animals and will be able to identify their name, relate words with their meaning and even learn various tricks. Finally do not forget to choose a name that has between 2 and three syllables, in this way your cat will have no problems in remembering and relating its name.


Why to Choose a Russian Name for Your Cat

All cats deserve a unique name for that reason we must choose a name that is different from the usual in our country. Russian names are especially indicated for Russian cat breeds such as the siberian cat, the Russian blue, the peterbald cat, the donskoy cat or the Japanese bobtail (which is believed to have been moved to the Asian continent 1,000 years ago) but any cat can benefit from such beautiful names.

Russian is the most spoken Slavic language in the world with more than 150 million native speakers. It is understandable then why Russian culture is so rich and varied. You can find inspiration in this list of Russian blue cat names, which often derive from fire or Latin but also from Russian literature, folklore, traditions and history.

Russian Names for Male Cats

Russian Names for Male Cats

  • Aleksandr: The defender of men
  • Alyosha: Diminutive of Aleksandr
  • Anatoly: The sunrise
  • Bazhen: A wish
  • Bliny: Pancake, Russian traditional crepe
  • Boris: Wolf
  • Chekov: Playwright, Star Trek character
  • Dima: Diminutive of Dmitriy
  • Evgeni: The well born
  • Fedor: Gift of God
  • Gena: Noble
  • Grisha: Diminutive of Grigoriy, watchman
  • Igor: Guerrero
  • Ivan: God is merciful, popular hero
  • Koshei: Villano Folk, Koshei the Immortal
  • Kostya: Diminutive of Konstantin
  • Kotik: Kitten
  • Kremlin: Government building in Moscow
  • Lev: Leon
  • Lyubov: Love
  • Marlen: Marx Lenin
  • Maksim: Larger
  • Milan: Dear
  • Misha: Diminutive of Mikhail
  • Mstislav: Revenge and glory
  • Myshka: Small mouse
  • Nikita: Victor
  • Nikolay: The victory of the people
  • Pasha: Diminutive of Pavel
  • Pasternak: Author
  • Pavel: Small, humble
  • Pushkin: Author
  • Pyotr: Stone, War and Peace
  • Rasputin: Historical character
  • Romanov: Tsars Dynasty
  • Ruslan: Leon, by Ruslan and Ludmila
  • Rybka: Small fish
  • Sasha: Diminutive of Aleksandr
  • Solnyshko: Small sun
  • Stanislav: Standing in glory
  • Stroganoff: Typical dish of beef with sauce
  • Timur: Iron
  • Tolstoy: Author
  • Valentin: Strong, vigorous
  • Vladimir: Famous ruler
  • Vladislav: Rules of glory
  • Volya: Future freedom
  • Yaroslav: Fierce and glorious
  • Yuri: From Doctor Zhivago
  • Zolotse: Gold

Russian Names for Female Cats

Russian Names for Female Cats

  • Alyonushka: Diminutive of Yelena, popular heroine
  • Anastasia: Resurrection, famous historical figure
  • Anna: Anna Karenina
  • Anya: Diminutive of Anna
  • Baba Yaga: Witch of Russian folklore
  • Bronislava: Protection and glory
  • Dasha: Diminutive of Daria
  • Daria: Good possessions
  • Dunya: Satisfaction
  • Ekaterina: Pure
  • Fedora: Gift of God
  • Galina: Calm
  • Irina: Peace
  • Isidora: Gift of Isis
  • Karenina: Anna Karenina
  • Katenka: Diminutive of Ekaterina
  • Katya: Diminutive of Ekaterina
  • Kseniya: Hospitality
  • Koshka: Cat
  • Lara: Citadel
  • Lena: Diminutive of Yelena
  • Ludmila: Favor of the people
  • Manya: Diminutive of Mary
  • Margarita: From El maestro and Margarita
  • Masha: Diminutive of Mary
  • Mila: Dear
  • Morevna: Popular heroine Maria Morevna
  • Motya: Diminutive of Matrona, girl
  • Nadezhda: Hope
  • Natasha: Diminutive of Natalia, War and Peace
  • Nina: Diminutive
  • Oksana: Foreign
  • Olga: Holy, blessed
  • Pashka: Typical Easter sweet
  • Polina: Small
  • Rada: Satisfied
  • Rufina: Redhead
  • Siberia: Cold region in the northeast of Russia
  • Slava: Glory
  • Sonya: Diminutive of Sophia, wisdom
  • Svetlana: Light, star
  • Tatiana: From Eugene Onegin
  • Toma: Diminutive of Tamara, palm tree
  • Ukha: Soup
  • Vasilisa: Popular heroine
  • Yelena: Torch
  • Elizaveta: My God is an oath
  • Zoya: Life

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The names for Russian cats are related to the sweet and affectionate nature of these kittens. Which of these names convinces you most? Simply share with us about your russian blue cat so that it may be helpful for the other cat lovers too. Visit our catsfud for more information. Here are the russian pet names of your cat.

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