Savannah Cat Characteristics, Behavior and Facts

Want to know about the Savannah cat characteristics its behavior. The Savannah Cat has very similar features to those of a leopard due to its descendants from the African Servants. Many of us doesn’t know what is a savannah. If you want to know more about this wonderful savannah cat breed, then you can find in this article you can get the information of your interest.

The Savannah Cat is a feline race characterized mainly by its spotted fur similar to that of a leopard and that was developed thanks to the cross between the tabby Cats and African Servales, the latter are wild cats a little larger than domestic cats and live in the Savannah, for that reason it was decided to name the race Savannah.

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The breed originated in the decade of the 80’s in the United States specifically in 1986 by breeder Judee Frank, so it is considered a relatively new breed. Usually they confuse it with the Bengal cats because of their striped appearance, but the truth is that they have a very different physical structure. And also as a curious fact is that the Savannah cats have the Guinness record for the tallest cat in the world.


Behavior of the Savannah Cats

This breed is very loyal like the munchkin cat they are curious and active so it has come to be compared with dogs and can even receive training to do tricks such as sitting or jumping. It is a feline very sociable with other companion animals and humans even if they are strangers.

The Savannah Cat has no temperament problems it is very sweet and intelligent, but it could become a dominant animal due to its wild ancestors for this same reason if you have pet animals as small as rodents you need to be cautious to avoid inconveniences linked to his spirit of hunter.

Savannah Kittens loves to play outdoors and it is not recommended that he be adopted by people who have no experience with raising cats.

Characteristics of the Cat Savannah

savannah cat size

  • Height: A medium-sized Savannah cat size measuring between 50 and 60 cm.
  • Weight: Its weight varies according to its size and this is linked to the percentage of African Serval that carries in the blood as the smallest specimens weigh between 5 and 6 kg while the largest weigh approximately 11 kg.
  • Body: Thin and very stylized.
  • Coat: Striking, short and generates a velvety sensation.
  • Fur color: The base color varies between orange and amber, also has stripes and black dots. There are also some specimens with a cream-colored fur background.
  • Eyes: Can present different shades of colors, are medium size and almond shaped.
  • Ears: Pointed and high insertion.
  • Nose: Wide and a little prominent
  • Cola: It is medium and it is fine-tuned as it reaches its end.

Life expectancy

Savannah house cat live between 10 and 20 years approximately.

Colors of the Cat Savannah

  • Silver Stained brindle
  • Marble: the stains are combined with the brindle creating a spiral marble appearance. They can be brown or silver.
  • Smoked black: The tabby is black but the spots are even blacker creating a smoky visual effect.

There are also “cats of the savannah” in very strange and unusual colors. Even cats with different coats are not considered Savannahs by international cat associations since they are felines that are born more like a common cat and not with the wild characteristics inherited from the Serval. These colors can be:

  • Cinnamon color
  • Blue color (dark silver gray)
  • Beige color
  • Snow: white with beige spots.

savannah cat breed

Curiosities of Cat Savannah

  • The TICA recognized the race in 2001.
  • His first participations in exhibitions and championships occurred towards the year 2012.
  • The Savannah cat is one of the few races that is not afraid of water.
  • It is considered by many as an exotic animal.
  • It is prohibited to import cats of this breed in different countries as is the case of Australia.
  • They are considered the most expensive cats in the world.
  • There are few breeders of the savannah cat breed.

Savannah Cat Health

The race has minimal health problems no known disease of it, in fact have a feature known as “hybrid vigor” which means a great vitality and resistance due to the crossing between their ancestors.

savannah house cat

Despite being a big, strong and healthy cat due to its hybrid animal status, Savannah cats can have health conditions different from those of a common cat so that you can even give cat pain medication buprenorphine. For example:

  • They may have a smaller liver. For this reason you must be careful when supplying any type of medication.
  • The first generation can be infertile especially males.
  • Pregnant cats are at risk of having premature births, since the gestation time of the cats is 60 days and that of the Serval is 75 days.
  • It has been noticed in several spices of Savannah cats that they may have resistance to anesthesia.
  • For this reason it is advisable to use a specific type of injectable anesthesia for exotic or hybrid cats.

In addition to these cases, Savannah cats can have entry to certain countries and US states also because they are hybrid animals. In general they do not present other genetic problems. Since for the majority of the breeding places in charge of this breed it is of the utmost importance to carry out genetic tests before carrying out any type of savannah cat crossing. You can get the savannah cat price from any of the pet distributors.

Cat Care Savannah

  • This cat will need frequent brushing to eliminate dead fur.
  • Remember to provide a balanced diet.
  • Provide ample space for him to play and run freely.
  • It is recommended that a Savannah Cat does not live in a house too small since they are very active.
  • Take it to a veterinarian periodically.
  • Keep all your cat’s vaccines up to date.


With these cares and above all with a lot of love you can welcome a Savannah cat in your home. Now tell us if after reading this article it caught your attention to welcome a cat Savannah in your home and we hope you can share this information on social networks if it has been of interest. Visit catsfud for more information on cats.

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