10 Smallest Cat Breed In Existence

There are about 100 Smallest Cat Breed known in the world. Some of these breeds are very old like the Turkish Angora cat and, on the other hand, other breeds like the Sphynx are more recent and hardly know each other well. There is so much variety that it is difficult to know which one of all the kittens can adapt more to us and to our way of life, that is why it is important that before welcoming one at home you have clear what you need and also what each cat needs.

If you live in a large house you can enjoy having large cats but instead if your floor is small, we recommend that you have a small cat before a large one so that it does not feel like it lacks space. There are breeds of miniature cats such as singapura, Balinese or Bombay . These cats barely weigh more than four kilos and even some do not exceed one and a half kilo. Next we are going to show you some specimens of these curious animals. They’re adorable!

Smallest Cat Breed

However, remember that the size of the cats can vary and sometimes there are larger cats, smaller, fatter or thinner … We advise you to buy a cat before you decide to go to a shelter or kennel and look at the mestizo kittens that live there waiting to have a home. Maybe one of the ones you see fits with the features you’re looking for and you want to take it home.

On the other hand, if you are thinking about acquiring one of the breeds you will see below, it is important that you know the characteristics of this type of animals and that you have truthful information about both the seller and the origin of your future pet . And because? Because resolved that there have been many cases in which kittens are sold that have been weaned before time or those who do not give them a good diet. These animals suffer from development problems, such as dwarfism, and some people take advantage of it to sell them by passing them through one of these breeds. Be careful and if you know a case report!


List Of Smallest Cat Breed

Here we are providing the best 10 Smallest Cat Breed. Once have a glance on it.

  1. The Devon rex
  2. The Singapura Cat or Singapore
  3. The Bombay, little Panthers
  4. The Rusty Stained Cat
  5. Munchkin, the Paticorto kitten
  6. Munchkin cats
  7. Burmese cat
  8. The Balinese cat
  9. The Egyptian mau
  10. Gatitos Minskin Cat

The Devon rex, a feline with little hair

Devon rex cat

The devon rex has little hair and short hair . In addition, his ears and eyes are large in proportion to his head so it resembles the Egyptian cat. They are ideal for small houses because they weigh between three and four kilos.

The Singapura Cat or Singapore

Singapura Cat

The cat singapura is considered the smallest cat breed in the world. The first copies appeared on the streets of Singapore for that reason it receives that name. They are characterized by short hair and green or amber eyes. As they are so small they seem weak but in reality they are very agile and strong.

The Bombay, little Panthers

Bombay little Panthers Cat

They are like miniature panthers: energetic, intelligent and even talkative. And you know what’s best? They love that they take them for a ride with a harness.

The Rusty Stained Cat How small it is!

Rusty Stained Cat

These kittens are also usually very small and barely exceed 43 centimeters in length from head to tail. Normally weigh a kilo and a half although there are copies of only one kilo.

Munchkin, the paticorto kitten

Munchkin Cat

When they are well developed munchkin cats weigh between two to four kilos. This cat is characterized for having short paws due to a genetic mutation and the crossing of races. They are very playful and active felines that love to play. Its origin is located in Louisiana (United States).

Problems of Munchkin Cats

Problems of Munchkin Cats

The respiratory problems of the pigeons or the knee injuries suffered by the bulldogs are some of the consequences of crossing breeds. Through these crosses we also obtained munchkin kittens that have everything a human wants but not what a kitten wants. Its artificial physiognomy means denaturing an animal such as the cat whose origin is speed, agility and jumping.

The females of the Burmese Cat are much smaller

Burmese Cat

The Burmese cat is perfect to live in families with children because of its loving character and its size. In addition, females are usually much smaller than males.

The Balinese Cat

Balinese Cat

This little cat is named after the Bali dancers because, they say, he is as active, bouncy, funny and talkative as they are.

Other Articles On Cats

The Egyptian mau:

Egyptian mau

In Egypt “mau” means cat that’s why it’s called in this way. These animals were venerated and protected as sacred animals in the ancient Egyptian civilization. If someone killed an Egyptian mau, he was punished with the death penalty.

Gatitos Minskin

Gatitos Minskin

This photograph is from Paulmcsorley and shows even a small minskin cat. This race is the result of crossing the munchkin, the devon rex and a sphynx. They are very small kittens that require the same care as the sphynx because of their lack of hair.


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