Sphynx Cat Facts, Breeds and Origin

The Egyptian cat or sphynx cat is also known as the name of sphynx or sphinx (sphinx in English). It is an authentic rarity in the world of cats since one of its features is that it has no hair. It looks like a bald cat and only has a slight almost negligible fuzz. Besides having a good  character this naked animal impresses the first time you see it. Some people think it’s a very beautiful pet and others think it’s monstrous. In catsfud we explain everything about the Egyptian cat breed.

As far as the Egyptian cat is concerned there are no average terms and its appearance raises passions or causes storms. However everyone agrees on one point about their uniqueness. In addition, it has the character of a very intelligent cat that is playful and affectionate like ragdoll cat breed and other cats.

Sphynx Cat

As for his temperament the baby sphinx cat exudes a serene satisfaction and has a mystical effect on all those who take it at once at first as if he spells them. According to its owners it is the most affectionate and intelligent race that exists. Many of the users want to know are sphynx cats hypoallergenic or not. You can see more information from us.

Egyptian Cat Character

If we analyze its behavior the fidelity of the sphinx is already legendary. In addition he is very affectionate and loves to curl up on the knees of the owner who in turn has the sensation of rocking a small stove in his arms.

Despite its weak protection against the cold and always need heat. It is a cat that gathers intelligence and courage and is capable of mischief sometimes cat kneading with blanket in mouth. He often stands with one front leg raised and resists stretching out touching the ground preferring a warm surface.

sphynx kitten

In summary the followers of Sphynx believe that their affectionate character and playful personality is as incomparable as their striking and spectacular lack of hair. This cat exhibits a different type of personalities and if you are going to adopt this cat then you must know about the sphynx cat personality and its behavior too.

Characteristics of the Egyptian cat

The sphynx cat completely lacks hair and the skin forms folds and the veins appear quite marked. It has a mouse tail and its head resembles that of a reptile and the ears of a bat.

It seems more like the description of an extra terrestrial but once overcome the first impact of seeing a bald cat we can feel very attracted by its elegance and sweet look and the tender, warm and incredible softness of its skin like a munchkin kitty. Let’s see in more detail what the sphinx cat looks like:

  • Weight : between 3.5 and 7 kg
  • Size : it is a cat breed of medium size
  • The Head : of medium and angular head a little longer than wide and with very pronounced cheekbones and a slight unevenness at the height of the whiskers. The forehead is flat and the skull is rounded.
  • The snout : profile, there is a clear stop on the bridge of the nose and this is covered with velvety hair.
  • The nose : the nose is long and has no whiskers and if it has any they break or fall easily due to its fragility. This breed can have eyebrows and whiskers either complete or not or lack them.
  • The ears : Their ears are huge, wide at the base and widely separated from each other. Without hair inside they are erect and are not inserted too far back or too far in the head.
  • The eyes : they are well separated and have a lemon shape and are slightly inclined. The eyes are deep and tear towards the outer edge of the ear. Any eye color is accepted, regardless of hair color.

sphynx cat breeders

Other Characteristics of Cat

  • The body : of medium length, the body has a fine bone, wrapped in a compact and powerful musculature. The chest and shoulders are robust and well developed. The belly is always round and full, which produces the impression that the cat has gut although it is not fat.
  • The neck : the neck is long well marked and very slender.
  • The legs : The legs are proportioned with the body. Long and slender and the previous ones are quite separated because of the width of the thorax. They have a strong bone and they are firm and muscular.
  • The feet : they are delicate, oval and have very long fingers. The plantar pads are very thick and harmonize with the color of the hair.
  • The tail : The tail is also naked like that of a rat but a lock of hair is allowed at the tip. It is long and thin like a whip and lacks angles and is very mobile and soft.
  • The hair : Lacks it or at best has a slight fluff. Obviously it does not have a mantle proper but it is covered with a very fine fuzz like that of a newborn. Despite first impressions the Sphynx is not hairless. The skin is covered with a very short and fine fluff with the texture of the suede that is barely perceptible to the eye and to the touch. In the points (ears, snout, tail and feet) a short hair grows very dense. Lacking a protective layer the cat is very warm to the touch there is no possibility of cat dandruff for these pets.
  • Skin : The feature that stands out are the wrinkles and folds. It has wrinkles on the forehead, on the snout, on the chin, on the neck, on the legs, like some pants lowered, and on the young specimens on the whole body. In adults however wrinkles of the body become folds that can be seen in all movements of the animal.
  • Color : The color of the possible lint has to be in line with the color of the skin.

Sphinx cat puppies

Stands out of the Egyptian cat puppies or sphynx kitten their skin presents many wrinkles. It is not an unusual fact in newborn cats, but as they lack hair in these kittens all the folds and colors of their skin are well visible.

baby sphynx cat

Although it may seem the Sphinx is not truly a cat without hair. The skin has the texture of a soft leather and can be covered by a fine hair almost imperceptible to the eye. A slight coating of hair is sometimes visible on the ears, snout, feet, tail and scrotum. If your kitten is sleeping then you can see how many hours do cats sleep and know more about them.

Origin and History of the Sphinx

Pre-Columbian engravings have been found depicting effigies of naked or lampoons cats. Others were described in 1830 in the Natural History of the Mammals of Paraguay and at the beginning of the century some articles in the press were dedicated to the fact that Mexican nude cats were in danger of extinction.

In the United States there is documentation of the year 1936 referring to the birth of naked kittens, a circumstance that was repeated in France a few years later. At the beginning of the 20th century, a cat similar to the current Sphynx was exhibited under the name of the new Mexican hairless cat. The initiatives for this breed to be recognized date back to the 1960s, when hairless cats appeared in Ontario, Canada. At one time he was also called Canada’s hairless cat.

egyptian hairless cat

The first Egyptian cat appeared as a spontaneous mutation in a litter born from a black and white domestic cat in Ontario, Canada, in 1966. A Siamese breeder took the hairless puppy and along with others worked on the development of a new breed. This has arised the sphynx cat breeders and they came to reality with many more. In Europe there are not too many breeders who dedicate themselves to this breed whose standard is not yet recognized by official associations.

It is important to remember that this cat is the result of a natural genetic mutation, which the breeders have limited to fix without resorting to any manipulation. The CCFF recognized it as a championship in 1971, and the first champion was chosen in 1972. It is currently accepted only by some feline associations, and it is still a rare and unique breed.

Egyptian Cat Feeding

Being a pussycat with no hair, it has a higher body temperature than usual. For that reason he needs to eat a little more than normal due to his peculiar metabolism, they are not like the savannah house cat but these are a bit unique.

sphynx cat hypoallergenic cats

It is not a breed of cat prone to fattening but it is necessary to monitor the quality of its food as the amount of feed or croquettes that it eats. Your diet should be based on high quality products. Currently there are special and special food preparations on the market for this type of feline.

Care of the sphinx cat

It is a very cold cat although not much more than a congener with hair and as its body temperature is the same it has a various appetite because it needs a lot of food to produce and accumulate the calories it needs. His skin is more unprotected than that of being because it does not have melanin. In fact the only really important risk that runs the sphinx are sunburns, so it needs a protective cream when it rests in the sun which is great.

An unusual feature of the Egyptian hairless cat is that it sweats. In addition the empty hair follicles have sebaceous glands and this race lacking hair to absorb the oil and has to rub daily with a chamois, soft cloth or sponge to remove the oils.

Obviously, you never need a brush but you should keep it in good condition by wiping it with your hand and rubbing it with a soft cloth. In everything else you have optimal health (you could even say that iron) and does not require any particular care or different than other cats. You can also see human years to cat years calculation.

Veterinary care of Sphynx

As in the rest of feline pets it is essential that you visit with your cat the veterinarian on a regular basis. As a general rule it is enough to go twice a year. Thus he will be able to recognize it, examine it and detect possible problems. Also if you have a pet you must know how long are cats pregnant.

blue sphynx cat

The veterinarian is the only qualified professional to review and diagnose the health status of the sphynx cat hypoallergenic cats. You can see what is hypoallergenic for more information. It will also tell you what vaccines you need and when you should administer it. The same happens with sterilization if it is considered appropriate. It is vital that you have the vaccination schedule for your animal up to date.

Egyptian cat colors

Although their colors are the same as any other cat the absence of hair significantly changes them. For example white acquires a pink hue, so all color points will be very clear.

All colors and drawings including pointed, sepia and mink, are allowed in this cat breed. All designs spots and white buttons are also accepted. Some of their color are the blue sphynx cat too.

Varieties Cat Egyptian race

All Sphynx must have the coat described in the previous section. It can be any color and drawing, including the color point. As the hair is almost invisible it gives the impression that the drawing is tattooed on the skin. Let’s see some varieties of this breed:

sphynx cat personality

Cream blue and white

The Sphynx shows the colors on the skin just like the other races do on the fur. As it is not possible to pull out any white hair isolated, these cats do not allow any cheating. The natural absence of hair, apart from the fluff, is vital. Any indication that they have pulled hairs is very penalized in the exhibitions.

Black Egyptian cat

In the black Sphynx stands out the different uniformity that this tone can have between different specimens and even in only one. It is surprising the variety of shades that the fuzz and the skin of this feline can adopt when it receives direct sunlight. If you want to get this cat you can simply adopt them and know how much is a sphynx cat before going to get it.

Blue egyptian cat

In Sphynx cat, the colors are usually warmer than in cats with hair, because the natural pink of the skin is transparent. A Blue like this cat can depend on the light, look more like the Lilacs of other races.

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