Symptoms of Spring Fever in Cats, Signs and Remedies


Symptoms of Spring Fever in Cats

No animal adherents to calendar conventions to instinctively adapt to seasonal change. Even though they ignore – as some humans – that we have stations by the angle of inclination of the planet on its axis of rotation during its annual orbit around the sun. The biological cycles associated with spring, the stage of estrus and mating, migrations, depend on environmental conditions and the perception of physical-chemical alterations. Check the complete Symptoms of Spring Fever in Cats.

Spring Fever in Cats

Symptoms by Seasons

The season begins with the spring equinox (March 21 in the northern hemisphere, September 21 in the southern hemisphere), and ends with the summer solstice (June 21 in the northern hemisphere, December 21 in the southern hemisphere). In the equinox the astronomical phenomenon occurs by which we have the same hours of sunlight and darkness in the day; At the summer solstice, we enjoyed the maximum hours of sunlight that on any other day of the year.

We all noticed that as the season progresses, we have more light during the day and nightfall later. But the temperatures do not always rise steadily, nor the wind and precipitation rains, there are ups and downs, and it can not even snow in spring or serious floods due to heavy rains in the tropical regions in the eastern Pacific, while hardly notice the seasonal change in the middle of the planet.

Symptoms by Seasons

If they have good conditions of temperature, health, and food, the unsterilized house can interpret the heating and the comforts of the home that even in the middle of winter is a good time for reproduction. But the arrival of spring rages the hormonal system of unsterilized cats. A healthy and well-developed female can go into heat and mate at just 6 months of age. You can have more than one litter per year and even go back to gestation while the kittens of the first litter are still dependent.

Incestuous matings are common practice in groups of cats. Whose population is not controlled by sterilization. Females can mate with some cats in their first bond of kinship, with one of their children, and they can make pregnant females of which they are parents. Without a sterilization plan, the situation of street cats ends up being played in a few years between misery due to lack of food, the spread of diseases and the poor survival of specimens, if they are not taken to zoosanitary where they are slaughtered.

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Body Positions

Unsterilized cats, especially females, will give proof of their predisposition to courtship and mating, by rubbing insistently with the body in a lateral position., Wallowing on the ground during heat, positioning itself in a characteristic way with the tail on one side or meowing heartbreakingly as if they were singing opera arias as is proper to the zeal to attract the attention of the evils.

Cats Body Positions

On the other hand, if the screams of the females in heat are annoying for the coexistence. The territorial marking by means of urine as a spray done by the evils – like many wild females. Even more unbearable due to its nauseating smell – precisely because its purpose is to dissuasive for male competitors. Indicating to the intruders that they are not welcome-; and since it is a competitive behavior to control the territory and mate. It will be proportional to the number of cats in the area.

But cats that live outdoors and street survivors will wait for clearer signs that spring has arrived. In general, some of the symptoms of fever in cats are becoming more active, getting up earlier. Then in winter, regardless of whether the equinox has not been reached but on the basis of favorable environmental conditions. Cats tend to look for the sunniest areas to receive the bath of light and heat.

Against the harsh winter cold where they had to find shelter in arcades, park shrubs, and cardboard boxes. When trees bloom, it is common for some cats to climb up to the branches and rest like their wild ancestors prior to domestication, during the Neolithic or the large cat species. Every year there are cats lying on the branches of the cherry blossoms of Ueno Park in Tokyo, Japan, which are photographed by passersby during the Hanami festivities.

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House Cats

The house cats tend to pry more to the outside. They look for the solar rays that cross the diaphanous crystals. They observe through the windows since they listen to the songs of the birds. That have entered in their period of reproduction. After the migratory flight, they nest near the walls of residential buildings, and in some of the house, there are always cats. The danger in this context is for the apartment cat that can fall from several stories high by trying to jump to some birds that nested under a terrace or that have perched on the windowsill, the awning of the window or the railing of the balcony.

House Cats

In those homes that have more than one domestic cat as a pet. The owners noticed that despite having docile minions. There are fights every now and then and the cats get on the floor as in a wrestling match. Puppy kittens usually have their biggest growth during the spring season. Suddenly increasing in size and weight, to the pride and satisfaction of their owners. In the urban peripheries and rural areas. Where there are a majority of low houses or villas whose plot has a patio or garden. The cats that can make trips abroad will investigate the colorful fields full of flowers.

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Although most cats are not as imprudent as to be intoxicated with certain species of plants. Many pigs carry their proverbial curiosity to sniff some harmful flowers. Such as azaleas, hyacinths, tulips, lilies, geraniums, chrysanthemums, poinsettias. The outputs of cats abroad have such risks in the case of unsterilized cats having litigators. Litters abandoned by unwanted pregnancies, transmission of diseases -even in vaccinated cats- and parasites. In addition to the abuses and poisonings perpetrated by psychopaths in neighborhood areas of street cats or with the aim of intoxicating socialized cats that enter and leave low houses in the neighborhood.

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