How to Train a Cat to Use the Litter Box

Knowing how to train a cat can be somewhat complex, especially when they are small or babies, since it is necessary to convince them that a behavior is correct and worth learning. As you know, cats are very independent animals. In fact although more than 5,000 years ago the human being enjoys the company of these felines, we have only managed to partially domesticate them.

But with a little patience, you can train a cat and make it even better pet. In this we will explain how to educate your cat and how to litter train a cat to make it good and go the shit out there. If your cat does not learn the litter box training then the cat owner will suffer a lot with the pet.

How to Train a Cat to Use the Litter Box

Teaching a cat to use its litter box in most cases is not necessary. Pussies are extremely clean animals because they have a natural natural tendency to groom and clean their hair. They also tend to defecate and urinate in their sandbox naturally. Know more about how to litter train a kitten.


Educate a Cat to Use the Sandbox

But it can happen that in some cases of problematic cats the natural tendency to use the sandbox does not occur. Let’s see how to train a cat to use the sandbox in 6 easy steps:

Place the Litter Box in a Quiet Place

Cats like to relieve themselves in a place that is quiet. They prefer to do it in a place where there are not many noises around and a lot of people pass by and there is not much action. However, the pets do not like that their litter box is too far or too cornered:

how to litter train a cat

  • Do not place your pet’s sandbox too close to where it has water and food. Otherwise it may be a reason why you do not like using your sandbox.
  • Do not place it in areas of the house where many people pass or that are noisy areas. For example, do not locate the sandbox in a corridor through which you pass constantly or next to a washing machine. The cats want privacy and peace to pee or poop know more about blood in cat poop.
  • Place your sandbox in an easily accessible place for your furry pet. Avoid putting it up so you do not have to climb or jump to access and much more if your cat is something old or has a problem moving.

The Litter Box Must be Clean

Your feline pet will never want to use its sandbox if it is dirty and full of many excrements, this can make poop and pee out of it anywhere in your house. To do it well you must follow the following steps:

  • First you must use rubber gloves when you are going to manipulate everything related to the poop of a cat. In this way you reduce the risk of getting toxoplasmosis (you can see how to know if my cat has toxoplasmosis).
  • Ideally you should clean and collect blocks of compacted sand through urine and feces every day. But if it is not possible, at least every two days. You should always do it with a shovel like the ones you can see here.
  • When you have finished handling dirty cat litter, wash your hands thoroughly it does not matter that you have been wearing gloves.
  • Finally it is necessary that you do a thorough cleaning once a week. You have to remove the old sand, wash with soap and water, rinse and dry well. Then pour the new sanitary sand making a good layer that has a thickness between 5 and 8 centimeters (between 2 and 3 inches).

Place your Cat in your Sandbox After Eating, Sleeping and Playing

It is a good system to get a cat to use its needs in the right place.

Place your cat in its sandbox a couple of minutes after playing, waking up or eating, since it is at that moment when the kittens usually go to the bathroom. This simple gesture will help you remember what your sandbox is for and use it whenever you want to urinate or defecate. If not done properly then may be a chance of fever in cats.

train a cat to use litter box

Use a Cat Litter that You Like

There are numerous types of cat litter made with different materials. It is essential that it be an arena that your cat likes and likes to use. Most of the kittens adore the binder sand without any perfume.

However each pet is different and there are those who may prefer a different, smelling, coarser, finer grain. Especially observe the behavior of your kitten when you put the new sand.

If you have to change the type of sand, do it gradually (little by little), do not do it from one day to the next. For a week you can add a little bit of the new one to the sand that you have been using and every day add more. In this way he will become accustomed without realizing it.

You Must Reward Your Cat if it Use the Sandbox

This is a golden rule, if your pet does things right and uses his sandbox, you should reward him for it. It is very important that you do it right when you finish urinating or defecating in it, so that you associate this fact easily. This is called positive reinforcement.

litter box training

This will undoubtedly make your pet acquire positive habits and learn that this is the right place where you should do your needs know more on why do cats like boxes.

Do Not Punish Your Cat if he does it Outside

Although it seems strange, if your cat has an “accident” out of its sandbox, do not scold it. Negative reinforcement never works in these cases and if you punish it can cause the opposite effect and not use your sandbox anymore.

If your cat “goes to the bathroom” outside the sandbox, it is essential to clean that place immediately with an enzymatic cleaner that will eliminate and neutralize its odors so that it does not do it again there. If your pussycat smells its pee on a rug (for example), you can associate that site as the place where you do your needs.

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With this you will know how to train a cat to use the litter box in a easy way. If your cat does not use the litter box then the cat owner will suffer a lot. But you must know how to potty train a cat and make it do in a good way which will help your cat a lot. For more information on cats simply visit our Catsfud website.

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