Turkish Angora Cat: Facts About The First Long Haired Cats

The Angora Cat breed are specially affectionate cats and they coexist very well with families. With a personality characterized by being sociable, playful and intelligent they have been one of the favorite races throughout history. But let’s get to know him much better. If you want to know about the turkish angora cat then simply see our guide.

It is known as Turkish Angora Cat due to its origin coming from Turkey and also called as turkey cat. Specifically from its capital Angora, which is now known as Ankara. Some theories say that their arrival in Europe is due to the Vikings, who brought them thousands of years ago but the reality is that their arrival was very surely from the Middle East centuries ago.

turkish angora cat

It can be said that this cat was fashionable in the aristocratic circles of the sixteenth century, considering it a real and elegant gift thanks to the beauty and softness of its mantle. These turkish angora felines were the starting point for the crossing of other races of long hair, especially the Persian. To know more about the angora cats then simply follow the below article completely.

Physical Characteristics of the Turkish Angora

Angora cats not only love for their physical beauty, they also have a very attractive personality from being affectionate and playful to surprising their master reaching the highest shelf, they are quite intelligent and athletes. In addition this race has physical characteristics that favor its intrepid activity such as its size since they tend to be of medium size and weigh from 3 to 5 kilos.

angora cat

Angora Cat Characteristics

Turkish angora personality are characterized by having a long, soft hair and with a variety of brindle colors, among the most common there are the following:

  • Blue: Because its base color is pale bluish ivory they also exist with deeper blue, usually the legs and nose are pink.
  • Brown: Its base is copper, the tabby is black, while its legs and nose are brown.
  • Red: With its red base the tabby is darker, the legs and nose red brick.
  • Silver: Its base is pale silver, but its tabby is deep black, they are more exotic because their green eyes stand out and both their legs and nose are brick red.

It is an elegant and athletic animal, whose size is small and medium like a maneki neko with an average weight of 3 to 5 kilograms. His body is long, robust and well muscled.

Its limbs are thin and elongated, with the hind legs being taller than the previous ones, its tail is thin and long with a large amount of hair which is usually low compared to the body.

Also his nose is long and straight, his ears are large compared to the rest of the cats pointed, stiff with strands of hair in the back.

The eyes of the Angora cats are medium to large and oval in size like a manx kittens, striking with regard to the color of their fur, which as mentioned above and predominates over the colors of amber and copper.

turkish angora

They are characterized by their long coat of white, black, silver, blue tabby or red tabby colors. They like to climb in inaccessible and elevated places of the home to be able to observe all around they are very curious and intelligent.

Its biggest attraction is its long hair, because it has a fine texture and very soft which is thick in the area of ​​tail, neck and belly. For this reason it is important to daily brush your hairs to avoid knots or excessive hair loss.

The First Long Haired Cat Breed

Although the Persian cat were the first long haired species to spread in the West, the Turkish Angora has more right to be considered the first long-haired cat. The feature of its characteristic long hair seems to have emerged as a mutation of the domestic cat probably in an isolated population of central Asia.

Angora Cat Personality

The Angora cats are usually unlike the other cat breeds a little dependent on their master. Even for an Angora cat it is very important to get your attention, so if you do not pay attention to it, it may be for hours walking between your legs, your shoulders or lying on top of you like a savannah cat. In fact for this breed it is good to have another pet at home, since they are quite sociable and need company to not feel alone.

Health and Care of the Angora Cat

For genetic reasons, Angora cats like all cat breeds are often prone to various diseases if they are not given proper care. There are intestinal diseases that are common such as cat vomiting and diarrhea, regurgitation, gastritis and gastroenteritis. However Angora cats may also be prone to more serious diseases such as Ataxia  (lack of precision and coordination in movements) and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (enlarged left ventricular myocardium). Diseases of care that must have an adequate treatment.

turkish angora personality

Daily cleaning is important in the eyes, ears, nails and teeth. The corners of the eyes should be carefully cleaned with a damp handkerchief and have one side of the handkerchief for each eye, in order not to carry cat eye infection from one eye to the other. Also it is important to keep your sandbox neat.

How Much an Angora Cat Lives

These beautiful animals if they have excellent care by their owners can live between 12 to 16 years. You can even have a look at how long do munchkin cats live.

Angora Cat Price

The price of an Angora cat depends as almost all the breed cats of the country and the place where you acquire it. A factor to value is its morphological quality and if it has been raised respecting all the stages of socialization.

The turkish angora price with pedigree is about 400 or 500$ expensive. It is not cheap but it is not the most expensive either.

Adopt or buy an Angora cat

You should check the cat’s upbringing before buying it and ask for the breed of your parents to avoid being a mestizo. Avoid buyers who want to deliver very cheap cats because they do not present the animals or apply the previous vaccines.

turkish angora price

When you acquire the animal you must verify the current card with the data of the feline puppy, where the signature of the attending physician appears who will confirm with responsibility the vaccines, deworming and conditions of the pet.

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Without a doubt, the Turkish Angora cat is very special. Do you know anything more about this beautiful animal? share it with us! For More information about the pet cats see our catsfud site and know more from us.

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