Types of Worms in Cats: Symptoms and Helminth Treatments

Types of Worms in Cats: The appearance of a family pet – is not just a lot of positive emotions of communication with him, but you also have to take care of him. Therefore, we consider worms symptoms in cats, what treatment is needed and how they understand it.

After the kittens, since people are exposed to helminth infections that can bother blood sucking insects. And the most important task for the owner of small fluffy lumps is to take care of his health. And in the first place, it usually comes out fighting parasites.

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How to Get Rid of the Cat Worms?

Worms in Cats:

The First Signs of The Appearance of Parasites:

How do you know the animal is infected? Attentive and caring owner, you will probably be able to easily determine if your pet was a bad thing. However, the symptoms of worms in cats are manifested from the first days of infection, usually, up to this point, it takes several days. And if you live in a private residence, where the pet can walk freely through the neighborhood, you should not wait until the cat worms express obvious signs, and carry out regular preventive medication.

However, even hosts who support perfectly clean accommodation and do not allow your cat to communicate with street animals, so they may be infected with worms. After all, this occurs not only in food but also forms of domestic use. Therefore, the prevention of worms in cats is also necessary.


  • lethargy and fatigue
  • intestinal disorder
  • alternating with constipation

In shoes and clothes you can easily bring helminth eggs in your home, and even transfer them to the pet body does not cost anything.

But what to do when the infection occurred and the cat were worms? Discover by laboratory studies safe help. But the first signs of worms in cats have to force the owner to the guard.

Signs of worms in Cats may be as follows:

  • Refusal to play, lethargy, drowsiness
  • Bowel rape
  • Strong abdominal distension
  • weight loss
  • Rejection of food or increase of appetite.

However, since many of these symptoms are not only speaking of the presence of worms in cats, they do not give a faster antiparasitic medication. Pre-arrange an appointment with the veterinarian, deliver the analysis and make sure that the cause of their appearance turns into worms in cats.

Determine the Helminths in the Students:

Symptoms in animals of all ages can differ materially. Therefore, an accurate image of the invasion by helminths only yield stool analysis will give the cats. It is this procedure is the most effective to determine if there are worms in cats. Along with it is done and other methods of examination, because animals can parasitize cat worms of various types and not all of them can detect fecally.

If the study of the biological material did not give the desired result, the veterinarian may prescribe the delivery of other tests to determine if the cat worms have. In the acute form of a pet owner, the worm helminthiasis segments can observe itself on its stool. That will look like rice grains. Finding them is an urgent need to take your pet to a veterinary clinic, where they will be assigned the required treatment of worms in cats.

Check out this below image, you can know how many types of worms in Cats?


Types of Worms in Cats

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Species of Worms in Cats:

All parasitic worms in the body of a domestic cat – a worm. Their sizes vary a lot and can be both very small and quite impressive, reaching 2 meters in length.

The most Common are the following types of Intestinal Worms in Cats:

  • TapeWorms (cestodes)
  • Round (nematodes)
  • Planas (staves)

And they are all very dangerous, not only for animals but also for people. Consider looking like worms in cats and how to show them.

From this type of worms in the body of the Cat can Parasitize:

  • Chain (tykvovidny and borage)
  • echinococcus
  • spirometer
  • It was broad.

All of them have a flat body consisting of head, neck, and a large number of segments in which the mature eggs of the parasite. The head of most tapeworms equipped with hooks and suckers that allow worms to enter the intestine of the animal.

The development of this type of worms is impossible without an intermediate host in which quality can be like other animals and fleas. They are the larvae that enter the body and cats, where the development and transformation are in an adult.

Recognizing segments of these parasites can often be in the stool and in the neighborhood cat’s anus. And so you had easily diagnosed by observation.

Tapeworm Lifecycle:

Tapeworms are flattened worms that live in the intestines of people and animals, including cats. These worms behave like parasites, feeding on part of the food that the animal takes. Which is known as a host or host.

Tapeworm Lifecycle

Round Worms:

These worms in cats are among the most common. They live in the intestines of animals and are a great danger to young people. Very often this type of parasite called Ascaris, although there are several varieties of them:

  • Ascaris
  • leoninaToxascaris
  • Toxocara Cati.

Intestinal worms in cats are one of the most prolific, so a lot of their eggs may be present in the feces of an infected animal. Once in the environment, they are eaten by small rodents. And catch one of the carriers of infected worms caresses themselves.

In most cases, the nematodes in the animal reached a length of 2-3 cm. However, in the absence of such treatment, the worm can grow up to 10 cm and even lead to the death of a pet. Life in the small intestine, they feed on the blood of the carrier, which leads to anemia.

Flat fins:

It is the smallest cat worms. Its body has an irregular oval shape in its head of suction located frontally provided with teeth. Such an arrangement allows trematodes attached to body tissues. In most flatworms parasites in the liver, but also affect the gallbladder and pancreas. animals transferred with raw river fish.

What happens if You Found Worms of a Cat?

Because animals are often intermediate hosts of the parasite that lives in the human body, at the first suspicion of infection they should contact their veterinarian. just say how to determine which are the cat worms? It is possible that all members of the family will require preventive measures. How to carry worms in cats?

Instructions: How to Give a Tablet of Worms

What you should not do in this case, as it is directed to the nearest pet store and buy it questionable drugs for worms. It can end as it causes and causes death.

How to Give a Tablet of Worms

Before starting the treatment cats for the worms it is necessary to pass the tests in the veterinary clinic and wait for the results.

Only laboratory tests can help identify the type of helminths and experienced veteran prescribes the correct treatment and how to get rid of intestinal parasites in cats.

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