What Can Cats Eat: What Vegetables & Fruits Can Cats Eat?

What Can Cats Eat: It is likely that you have wondered about what vegetables cats can eat? what we can do to ensure that our pet has a healthy and balanced diet. Fruits and vegetables can be used as a reward, although cats are carnivores by nature. However, some vegetables or fruits can not only be delicious but also provide a high nutritional content.

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What Vegetables & Fruits Can The Cats Eat?

The feeding of your cat should be of great importance to you. Although these animals have a reputation for being independent. In many things they depend heavily on us and in one of those cases there is feeding. So, it must be taken with much responsibility.

On this occasion, we want to share everything related to vegetables that your cat can taste, discover with us what you can do to help your cat develop its taste for organic food.
In petfiel.com we will give you all the information about these beautiful animals, all about their diet, customs, and care. So if you are a cat lover you can not miss our post, which is made with all the love for this wonderful pussycat


Can Cats Eat Vegetables?

1. Cucumber
2. Carrot
3. Green beans
4. Peas
5. Lettuce.
6. Pumpkin
7. Sweet potatoes or sweet potatoes.
8. Broccoli
9. Asparagus

Even if you do not believe it, many cats love fruits and vegetables, which you can give them from time to time, that is, try to make at least 15% of your daily diet, since your small body does not need it as much as Taurine is an enzyme that is found in animal protein, which helps them, among many other things, to keep their eyesight in optimal conditions.

We are going to give you a small list of vegetables that your pussycat will love, not only cats live meat, but also vegetables can make a big difference in your pet’s diet. It is very important that before giving them you should cook them in this way the animal can digest them more easily.



Although a whole cucumber can scare a cat. however, offering small pieces of cucumber can be a delicious treat for them.


Although it is a vegetable that we associate with rabbits, it is perfect for cats, they can be digested easily, by our feline friends.

Green bean:

Cooked green beans are very helpful for cats, and as a rule, they like them a lot, they are very low in calories and they provide water, fiber, and some vitamins.


A super classic in vegetables, cooked peas are a rich source of nutrients, such as magnesium, vegetable protein and vitamin B12, which is very helpful for your cat, so give him a treat like peas and his health will appreciate


Raw is one of the vegetables or vegetables of high recommendation for our pussycat, the lettuce is rich in fiber, besides having a lot of water, which helps a lot in hot seasons and cats that do not drink a lot of liquid. So it’s a good quality treat for cats.


One of the best for your cat is definitely pumpkin, it is used sewn and mixed with meat in homemade cooking dishes, besides being very digestive for cats.

Sweet potatoes or sweet potatoes:

If you want to add a bit of sweetness to the food of your pussycat, this is a good option, it gives minerals and vitamins and it is also delicious.

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Homemade Food for Cats:

A good alternative is to make your own food for your cat, in which you can include this type of vegetables, you can do it at least once a week, if you are one of those who work outside your home, with this type of food you will be helping to give your pussycat the proteins necessary for optimal health.

It is important that if you decide to give vegetables to your cat wash them very well, as they may contain pesticides that were of great danger to your pet.

Fruit for Cats:

Not only are vegetables recommended for our cats, fruits are also a great help to maintain a balanced diet in our pets. Especially, in overweight cats, one of the main causes of deaths in domestic cats.

You can provide your cat with small pieces of peach or watermelon, fruits that are rich in nutrients in addition to keeping your pussy hydrated. As we have talked about in other articles cats are not lovers of drinking a lot of water. So, keep them hydrated with other options It is the best alternative.

So take note of the following beneficial fruits for your pussycat.

  • Apple: Cats can enjoy this fruit without remorse, you can offer giving it small pieces, with or without skin, that does try to be well washed.
  • Pera: Chopped in minimum pieces you can give it to your cat from time to time. It is also a fruit that will keep it hydrated.
  • Peach: Moderately consumed the peach is a fruit highly recommended for cats, and they also tend to like it a lot.
  • Melon: Melon is an excellent fruit for our pussycat friends and they also love and keep them hydrated.
  • Sandia: It is another fruit highly recommended for cats, especially in times of high heat, a piece of seedless watermelon refreshed your furry friend.
  • Strawberries: A fruit with a high content of vitamin C, according to specialists the strawberries are not toxic neither for cats, dogs or horses, but with caution.

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Remember that pets are part of our family, we must take care of them and love them. Respect them and above all have them under a lot of responsibility. Since they depend on us for many things, responsible ownership is extremely important.

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