What does Catnip do to Cats – Everything You Need To Know

What does Catnip do to Cats: What is the Catnip? Is it safe for my cat? They told me it’s a drug!

Calm down, do not worry. It is normal that you have doubts.

Would you like to know ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING that concerns this product? …… what types are there, the effects that it has and why it could be very beneficial for your cat?

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What does Catnip do to Cats

Yes? Perfect!

Because in this article I will explain DETAILLY everything you need to know to become a catnip expert. So, we started!

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What does Catnip do to Cats? What Is Catnip?

The Catnip is a plant known worldwide for having the ability to drug cats. Originally from Asia and Europe, it was introduced in the United States and Canada by settlers in 1600.

Currently, it is shipped almost everywhere and can even be seen in some animal stores in Spain.

Recommended by veterinarians, NepetaCataria, Catnip or mint for cats is a product that seems to love the pussycat and is not at all dangerous, rather the opposite. But, why do they love it? Is it safe? Why does not my cat like it?

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What Kinds of Catnip exist? Which One is Better for My Cat?

If you decide to buy this herb you will see some variations of color or texture in some animal stores, let’s see some types of this plant:


It is called Nepetacataria, with white flowers and can measure almost one meter. This species is the most abundant and the one that most cats enjoy.


Nepetacapmhorata, also of white flowers but with purple spots. This plant can reach about 50 cm and have a camphor aroma.


It is called NepetaParnassica, they have white and pale pink flowers, they also grow up to 50 cm.


Nepetacatariacitriodora, grows up to almost a meter and has white and purple flowers, has a lemon-like aroma.


Nepetamussinii, has purple flowers. This plant has green/gray leaves more than small size. They grow up to 50 cm.

Where can I buy a Catnip?

There are many pet stores that already have this product, however, if we want to find more options, the best thing is to go to the field online.

The format you can usually find is the dehydrated common nepeta so it will have more aroma and is shredded, this format gives them the option to eat it little by little licking more comfortably for them.

What Are the Effects of Catnip?

According to studies, the vast majority of cats inherit a sensitivity to this herb that is what makes them consume it. However, there is a small portion that is not altered at all. Until your cat does not meet about 6 months you can not check if this is so.

What are the effects of Catnip

  • Usually, when a cat finds Catnip tends to smell it, it rubs with the plant and finally eats it. But why does this happen?
  • Generally all its effect resides in the Nepetalactone, an oil that contains the plant and that in the cats generates great happiness and pleasure. So when they bite and swallow it, it is to consume this natural oil.
  • But the happiness and peace of your cat will last approximately 5/10 minutes, however, after about two hours it will be ready to consume Catnip again.
  • Some cats may experience euphoric joy and be a bit aggressive but it is an option that tends to occur less, usually, roll, play and are calmer.
  • In general, experts say that the effects of this herb on cats are often similar to LSD or marijuana, which is why some call it to cat marijuana.

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Why is it Good for My Cat to Consume Catnip?

The consumption of catnip by your cat can be very beneficial both for your character and state of mind as in your education/training.

  • Cats can often be nervous because they spend time alone at home or because they do not come out too much, providing them with some grass will relax them and make them sleep and play more on their own or with their feline companions.
  • In addition, the Catnip is not addictive or has any contradictory effect on your cat so its consumption is completely safe.
  • It can also be used as a method of education. If your cat scratches the sofa we can try to sprinkle some of this plant on your scraper to make it more attractive.

With this hope, you have got an idea of What does catnip do to cats. You can visit our Catsfud for more information.

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