When Do Cats Stop Growing? Guide For Cat Facts

When do cats stop growing: The kittens are cute. They are so tender and lovely that we would like them to stay that way small throughout their lives. But as we know time passes and in just a few months, we will have some friends who will have finished their development. Now when do cats really stop growing? If you have any doubts then we will solve them for you.

The cat from birth to 6-9 months (depending on the adult size) will have a very rapid growth. Your bones and skin will go from being juveniles to adults. From reaching sexual maturity that is with 5-6 months they are small breeds like the common European and with 8-9 months the big ones like the Maine Coon and its development will slow down but it will continue to grow until it reaches 2 years or 2 and a half years.

When Do Cats Stop Growing

So if you are a cat lover and you have a cat then you must and should know the reason when do cats stop growing because if you have a cat at home then all these things are must to know. For our cats lovers we are providing these common problems and solutions, Simply check our article completely and know more about it.


When Do Cats Stop Growing

However in order for our furry to grow up healthy it is very important to give it a quality feed without cereals and a high percentage of animal protein (at least 70%) as this will ensure that it gets all the nutrients it needs.

If we do not want to breed it or if we intend to give it permission to go outside what we must do is castrate it before the first heat that is with 5-6 months if it is a small race or with 7-8 months if it’s a big one. By doing so we will not have to change your diet (except when you reach one year of age we will have to give you food for adult cats) just make sure you exercise every day. For that purpose we can play with him with a ball or a rod for example.

If not we can forget to take him to the vet whenever it is necessary both to give him the vaccines and to cure him when he has an illness or has suffered an accident. In this way you will have more chances to grow properly.

cats stop growing

How old are cats?

Cats are like humans, they grow to age and then continue to grow without increasing in size. The difference is that cats do it at a much younger age than us. The growth rate varies with each breed but it can be considered that a cat has reached its adult size at the age of 1 year.

Your bones stop growing in the eighth month and sexual maturity will reach it 4 months later (although from the sixth month your cat can already get pregnant). Although it is true that once the first year of life reaches its final size during the next two years can expand a little.

There are races that are more delayed in their growth. This is the case of Maine Coon, a cat breed originally from the US that is characterized by its large size. This is why these cats take longer to reach their final size. Your bones grow more slowly.

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From the third year your cat can gain weight. It is important to control your diet and ensure that you have a minimum of activity per day so that you stay in shape. If your cat has gained weight visit the entry on how to make an obese cat lose weight. An overweight cat can have health problems.

Now that you know how old the cats grow you will not have to worry because your cat grows very fast. Once you reach the first year of life you will know practically what your final size will be.


Hope you have got information about when do cats stop growing and what are necessary things for a cat. If you follow our guides and see our tutorials then you can simply save your cat and provide him more life span with you. All this information is provided by catsfud, also if you any more you can simply share it with us.

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