White Cat Breeds – All About The Most Beautiful Pale Kitties

White cat breeds, those little cats created to know what it feels like to pet a tiger, are the most elegant and colorful creatures you can see daily in your neighborhood. Cats are very interesting creatures, each with a very strong personality, as well as their hunting instincts that do not disappear today in some breeds, and for this reason it is necessary that you know some things to have a healthy coexistence with these small friends.

Cats are independent animals and in the vast majority of cases they are self-sufficient, they can be very cautious with whom they give their trust, or they can take care of you in a very short time. They have personalities that sometimes seem rather expressionless or somewhat egomaniac, and if they can most of the time think of themselves, but this is in their genes, but having a companion cat is an experience that teaches you to love them in spite of everything.

white cat breeds

Some biological data that you should know about these small cats are such that their mustache are not alone because yes, no, every part of our body plays a role and in the case of cats, are not the exception, they have various functions that Many do not know how to: Know the wind direction, perceive the movement of their prey and measure the distances in some spaces. His way of communicating his emotions is often by movements or positions of his ears, his eyes and his tail, are animals with a very strong body language that needs to be understood to not end up bothering them.

They have their senses very developed , even having some that humans do not have, in which the senses of taste and smell intervene thanks to a receiver in their mouths called vomero-nasal organ or Jacobson, but this is not only theirs, because some deer and horses have it. But how much do you really know about these little cats? Here we are going to talk about it.


List Of White Cat Breeds:

Here, we are providing the top 8 white cat breeds. Once have a glance on it.



In many countries white cats have a special meaning, and although it is a bit contradictory what is said here and there, the fact is that cats of this color are noted at a distance and are very beautiful. It should also be noted that not all cats are exclusively white, many share white with other tones.



Her name means rag doll, she has long hair and blue eyes and they love being in her arms, so much that when they relax they seem to be holding onto a doll.

It is an ideal race for a family, because it is very docile.



It is one of the hairiest cats that exist, it is between the Persian cat and the Siamese, it is a fial cat, familiar and likes children, adapts perfectly but does not like to be alone.

They can measure up to 28 centimeters and weigh up to 6 kilos.


It is called like that because it is the national cat of Turkey. It is one of the most precious breeds in the world, and is characterized by being a long-haired domestic cat, its body is slender, elongated and robust, without being too athletic, medium-sized, commonly weighing between 3 and 5 kilos, the oval shape of their eyes tends to make these stand out their amber or blue colors . They adapt easily to places and are usually a very affable character.

British Shorthair:


This breed is derived from the “common” cat of England. When crossing with the Persian cats, it should be noted that the cats of England originally come from Egypt.

They are physically characterized by being compact and solid. With a broad chest and semi-short limbs, their tail is short and thick. They have abundant hair despite being rather short to protect them from the cold. It can be found in other varieties of colors, but this is very common.



Very similar to the Siamese but with long hair. In fact it was conceived due to the crossing of the Siamese with other breeds of long-haired cat. More commonly with the Angora.

They usually measure between 15 and 17 cm in height, weigh between 3 and 5 kg. The Balinese cat is very distinguished due to its long but muscular limbs covered with long silky hair , wide and pointed ears, and almond-shaped eyes. His character is very close to the person who considers his owner, but usually ignores the rest of the family.

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This cat is originally from Thailand, but was exposed to the world for the first time at the London Crystal Palace. From that moment people took a fixation with this cat. Making a differentiation between the Thai Siamese and the modern Siamese. Which has the head of a longer and triangular shape. While the Thai is more harmonious with respect to her body.

They are physically characterized by combining white tones with dark chocolate or cream on their nose, tail, legs and having intense blue eyes. They are very outgoing and affectionate cats. But they are accustomed to attention and can be demanding.



The Persians are many colors, but one of the highlights is the white Persian. A cat well known for its long and fluffy hair. They used to be cats belonging to royalty, and as the name says they are originally from ancient Persia. Characterized by having a flat face and broad nose. Can measure between 40 to 50 cm high, and weigh 3 to 7 kg. They are generally tame cats, but the alterations of the environment tend to make them more fussy and cranky.

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