Do Cats Cry? Why Do Cats Cry at Night

Why do cats cry? It may have happened to you that you have found your cat with tears falling down her face, giving you the feeling that she is sad some time you may think cat crying for no reason. But even if we associate tears with sadness your cat does not express his feelings in this way. So we want to know and tell you why do cats cry?

There are several reasons why a cat cries with tears. Its presence may indicate an infection problem or simply as a defense mechanism to expel any foreign element that has entered the eye. Why is my cat crying if you then can simply say may be it is sad or it has a disease. Any pet don’t cry without a reason.

Do Cats Cry

So if your kittens crying then you must see and observe your cat and also know its behavior too. The cat tears is not a common or a light thing, in fact we can say there is a major issue that your cat is affecting and it is trying to show it with tears.


Do cats cry?

The reason will depend on the type of tear that your cat expels, If you have a query like do cats cry tears, then our answer will be yes, cats cry with tears.

do cats cry

Clear tears

When the tears are clear and the eye does not show redness it is because it simply has some foreign body. The normal thing in these cases is that your cat will cry an eye, because it would be very casual to get some hair or speck of dust in both eyes at once.

The presence of the tear is to expel this strange body since the cats do not have hands like ours with which to take it off. In a few hours he will expel him and you should not be the one to take it away from him. If you see that the problem continues take it to the veterinarian.


Tears with color

If the color of the tears is yellowish or greenish you should pay more attention. This can happen due to an allergic reaction or the presence of an infection like cat leukemia. In these cases it is advisable to go to the veterinarian to evaluate him because even if you suspect that the tearing has been produced by a product or plant that you have already removed, a badly cured infection can become a bigger problem.

To help you, you can remove from the environment what you think can irritate your eyes, wipe the tears from your face to keep it dry and go to the vet to tell you if you need an antibiotic.

Heavy tearing ( epiphora )

There is another situation in which you can ask yourself why cats cry and that is when they show a lot of watering. In these cases the excess of tears is produced by a blockage in the lacrimal. This is a conduit that leads the tears to the end of the eye so that they slide towards the nose, but if it does not work the tears will come out through the whole eye.

When it is obstructed it produces an excess of tears that moistens the face and as a result infections and skin irritations can appear. This excess of moisture will end up causing a darkening under the eye that will result in the appearance of a crust.


Locking the tear may occur for different reasons, such as a scratch or an eyelash that has grown inward. It is also common to see it in cats with a flattened face, such as the Persians.

Do not worry there are cats that can lead a healthy life with the blocked tear but it must be the veterinarian who decides if this is the case. It will depend on whether it affects the vision of your cat. If it needs to be treated antibiotics or a simple operation may be enough. You can use buprenorphine for cats also.

Types of tears

The difference in the color of tearing and the type of tear can help to know if it is worrisome or not. Anyway if the problem persists it is important that you consult with your trusted veterinarian. You can see why do cats cry and the type of tears of cats.

Clear and little Abundant Tears

When the cat cries an eye or both but the tears have little color and tearing does not persist, the reason may be that something has gotten into the eye such as a speck of dust. We would surely scratch with our hands but they expel it through tears.

It is also possible that the cat’s eye has been irritated for some reason sometimes this irritation is mild and transient. It can be some chemical that you are using for example in cleaning, the sand that releases a lot of dust may have been hit by playing or it may have been scratched because it has very long nails etc.

can cats cry

In these cases the tears tend to stop alone and you do not have to do anything else. Or at best, look for the origin and avoid it. We can also help the cat by gently wiping the eye with a clean napkin, gauze or similar.

A common reason for irritation is having been in contact with a plant that causes this effect. Keep in mind which plants are dangerous for cats and what effects they cause. You can also see is rosemary safe for cats or not.

Excess tears due to blocked lacrimal

An abundant excess of tears or epiphora may be due to an obstruction of the tear ducts. The tear tube is located in the corner of the cat’s eye and directs the tears towards the nose. But when it is obstructed, tears are expelled through the eye, leaving the coat of the face wet. This problem usually causes the area around the eye to darken and a kind of scab appear.


The obstruction is usually due to some type of disease or infectious process such as conjunctivitis or an allergy or diarrhea in cats. Another usual situation is that the cat has grown an eyelash internally. There are breeds of cats such as the Persians and calico cats, whose flattened face tends to have more problems of this type.

It can also be due to a malformation of the eyelid known as entropion. Depending on the reason for the blockage, the veterinarian will decide how to proceed. In many cases unless it is a problem for the vision of the cat no surgical intervention is performed.

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Tears with Yellow or Greenish color

When the tears present color it is more evident that the cat is suffering from some type of infection or pathology. This can be something mild, such as a cold or conjunctivitis or it could be some type of infection more worrisome. In any case the advice is always to consult the veterinarian who will determine the reason for the tearing and the procedure to follow.

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Cry for emotions

Although stories of why do cats cry because of emotion proliferate for example because they were rescued there is no real proof that those tears are due to joy, sadness or pain. The emotional life of the cat is rich more than what has been believed in a long time but in principle the tears are not a form of emotional expression for the kittens.


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