Why Do Cats Hate Water & What to Do About It

If you want to know why do cats hate water then you can know about the cats and water from here. Cats are known for their hygiene and personal care and love to drink water. But when it comes to bathing they do not usually like them very much. Is this a trend that happens with all cats and most importantly, why do cats hate water?

This is the question asked by all the cats companions when they have to battle with their pet to get their bath or when they see that the cat flees if it is splashed with a little water in a game attempt.

Why Do Cats Hate Water

Let’s see in this new article of Catsfud that is so real this mystery or if this predisposition has some scientific justification and above all if all the felines suffer from that terrible fear of getting wet. Discover why cats hate water.


Why Do Cats Hate Water

Theories of cat conspiracy against the bath are diverse. The main one has to do with its origin as a species. Most cats come from desert regions in the Middle East which means that access to water was not as constant.

Later with the evolution and migrations the cats were experiencing life in other areas where water was more frequent. This means that some breeds of cats have a tendency to stay away from water in their genes while other breeds are already more accustomed. In fact cats feel a magnetism for the water and can be stupefied observing it but at the same time they feel some respect. It is similar to the reaction we humans have to the ocean.

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They feel trapped

Cats although domesticated are wild animals in their essence. They do not like to feel trapped and enjoy having some independence. When a cat is soaked with water its fur weighs much more and this makes them compromise their agility and mobility. Wet skin becomes an antonym of freedom.

Lack of Well Being and calm

Most cats love water and although they are great swimmers, what they do not call too much attention is to be submerged in it and less unexpectedly. Cats like to take things easy and take their own pace.

Our favorite cats are animals of customs and do not enjoy surprises very much even on their birthdays. That is why it is very important to educate them about the bathroom routine since they are small otherwise it could become an unpleasant experience for them and you will make the water have a negative connotation in the life of your pet.

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The Key Patience

Cats love to feel that they can control their environment and the things that happen in it. On the other hand, they are extremely curious creatures but it is a discreet and cautious curiosity. So before fully experimenting with water, a cat will first go sideways and calmly through a place where there is water, then introduce its legs, smell the liquid, put your head and so on the last will be the body. Have patience as always and never force it.

The Ignorance that Causes

Why Do Cats Hate Water

The smell of water is basic for a cat to feel interested in it. Cats are animals with a very developed sense of smell and can differentiate between fresh water that comes from natural sources and water processed with chemicals. It is not surprising to see cats enjoying a well or natural puddle and then flee desperately from a bath in a bathtub or from a stream of water from a tap.

All the previous theories are supported by some studies of specialists in cats not only on a scientific level but also on a psychological level. However there is much to know and experts continue to investigate the deep and interesting world of domestic felines.

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