Why do Cats Knead, Facts About Cat Kneading

Sometimes cats knead their owners. Has it ever happened to you? why do cats knead. Well, you are a lucky human and very dear! If you have a cat or cat in your home, you will probably know what we are talking about if you want to know why do cats knead you then you must see this article to know about the cat kneading. The cats are animals that expresses one is love physical contact and interact with whom he lives.

Among the interactions that usually take place we can usually highlight rubbing asking for love and then scratching an sounding and kneading. But have you ever wondered why your cat kneaded you? There are so many reasons actually why do cats knead on me if you want to know in detail then you should see this article and mean while check cat years too.

Why do Cats Knead

Surely many times you have wondered why cats knead, to see your cat kneading the pillows, blankets and even kneading yourself. Well there are several theories that explain why they do this and there is no exact reason. However this is another typical action of feline behavior as well as purring, scratching, biting in certain situations or licking their paws.


Ideas on Cat Kneading

Traditionally in the popular culture of the owners of cats they had associated this behavior to something rare and that could show deficiencies of the cat. For example, it was said that a cat weaned or separated from its mother too soon would exhibit this behavior to compensate or replace the time it should have been with its mother suckling. This idea is false because the vast majority of cats kneaded with which by that rule of three all the cats of the world must have been weaned before time. So this idea is discarded.

Another misconception is to think that they do it to sharpen their nails but this is not true either. When cats sharpen their nails they prefer a rough and vertical surface and perform a different movement with their legs. So if your cat kneading with blanket in mouth the you cannot say these reasons too.

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Why cats knead

Cats knead when they feel good and to be comfortable. This way of pushing the legs against the body against another animal or against any surface is called kneading (because humans tend to put names to things). But its origin is not something invented by us.

why do cats knead you

The kneading of the cats is a reflection of a movement learned from puppies to obtain milk from their mothers. But many cats maintain this reflex behavior as adults and use it to tell their owners everything they want.

Many cats knead. If you do not believe it we invite you for example, “cat massage” on YouTube you will see how many feline physiotherapists you will find. Also see how many teeth do cats have and know more about the information on cats.

What to do if your cat kneaded you?

If your cat kneaded you frequently and you want to know why does my cat knead me then it is recommended that you keep your nails trimmed to avoid scratching or spoiling your clothes. You can also keep a folded towel next to your favorite chair and use it to protect you when your cat loves you with its legs. For this reasons you can see why does my cat bite me all the time.

If the kneading movement is uncomfortable enough for you to bother you then you can try to leave your cat gently on the floor in a lying position so that it calms down and falls asleep.

Other tricks can be to gently hold your front legs together and caress you or distract your pet with a toy or a treat. The experts in domestic pet behavior agree that it is not appropriate to punish a cat for a behavior as natural and instinctive as is the kneading.

4 Reasons why Cats knead

If you have a cat then you must see the below reasons of cat kneading. Generally to say, its the tender of the cats but we as a humans needs to know why cats knead.

1. Cats Amass to mark territory

What is certain is that cats amass their owners as a demonstration of love and affection. Well one of the theories explains that felines have odoriferous glands (smell) on the pads of their paws and do this to mark the people they consider to be part of their family or their masters leaving their smell engraved on them. Since they are considered as a fairly territorial animal species. So if your kitty loves “Making Biscuits” or kneading your belly like you’re kneading dough to make cookies, it’s why you feel a love and a huge love towards you.

why cats knead

They also usually use the kneading not only to mark their masters but also to mark their territories through the use of these glands for this behavior see cat age chart. Leaving his odor impregnated so that it is detected by other cats or other animals. You could say that the amass is his way of telling other pets that this place is his alone and that they go to find their own space.

2. Cats Knead since they are babies

Another theory about why cats knead makes reference to their behavior since they are newborns. Well kittens usually knead their mother’s belly while breastfeeding. They do this to stimulate the outflow of breast milk and it is believed that they continue to have this behavior in adulthood when they are separated from their mother prematurely that is at a very young age you can also see the cat gestation period to know more. When they are still little babies. Also for this reason is that some kittens suck the corner of a pillow or a blanket while kneading.

cat kneading with blanket in mouth

These theories are also demonstrated by the fact that when comparing the behavior of a domestic cat with a wild cat. The action of kneading is done more by the domestic cat. Since wild cats do not develop these social behaviors with humans and are not separated from their mothers. On the other hand domestic cats have contact with humans if they can find a use in carrying out this action to their owner.

3. Cats to find comfort

Cats also tend to knead pillows or their beds in order to make them softer and more comfortable to sleep. This behavior is inherited by their ancestors wild cats who used their paws to soften the grass and large leaves where they found a space to rest. For this reason sometimes your cat can knead your legs or belly for a few minutes and then lie down on top of you.

cat kneading

4. When cats knead for Attention

Another reason that explains why your cat likes to knead you is to get your attention. Sometimes the cats usually combine it with a purr. But not any purr if not one with a sharper sound similar to a cry. They can do this to manipulate you and give you immediate attention because suddenly you have spent too much time with your attention focused on the television or in a book and your pussycat felt neglected. Of course this type of behavior occurs in cats that are more dependent on their master and therefore enjoy and require more care and attention.

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Then friends we already know that this behavior of your cat is completely normal and characteristic of the felines. So you should not worry about the constant massages of your pussycat  but just the opposite! Your cat especially appreciates you.

I invite you to tell us which of these theories we tell you do you think is the reason why your kitten kills since you purr this post if it has become interesting to you and with this article hope you have got why do cats knead.


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