Why do Cats Purr? 9 Reasons About How Do Cats Purr

Do you know the reason why do cats purr? When your pet purrs and rubs against you, you can not help but feel good about yourself for being so adorable. But we have bad news, happiness is not the only thing that purrs cats, there are several reasons that cause this sound in cats. Listening to your cat purring may mean feels relaxed or friendly, but felines also purr when they are stressed, hungry or in pain

To think that felines purr for one reason is to create innocence and it’s like thinking that people can only laugh for a reason. For example, the cats that are mothers purr to carry their kittens that are blind and deaf when they are born, for food and heat. In turn experts believe, that kittens purr to show that they are fine and help them to join cat mom. In addition, the purrs release sensitive endorphins so experts think that cats use these vibrations to calm down. Cats emit that purring sound when they enjoy some cozy hugs from their owner or it could help calm their nerves or literally cure their pain.

why do cats purr

Two day old cats already know how to purr and they keep this behavior throughout their lives. The physical explanation of why a cat purrs does not seem very clear, since there are up to three theories that defend that this sound is produced in different ways:

  • By rapid tremors in the muscles of your larynx that vibrate during inhalation and exhalation.
  • False vocal cords
  • The purring originates in the posterior vena cava.


9 Reasons to Know What is a Cat Purring

Despite being a generally known phenomenon, the mechanism by which cats purr is difficult to explain. This is due in part to the fact that the cat does not have any obvious anatomical features that were the only responsible, that is why we present the most common reasons to explain why a cat purrs:

how do cats purr

1. Biological reasons

Cats undergoing electromyography studies, showed that cat like friends purr to produce noise with rapid tremors of the muscles of their larynx which dilate so they limit the glottis at high speed, causing vibrations in the air during inhalation and the exhalation.

2. Purring is a phenomenon of hemodynamic origin

The palpable vibration originates in the posterior vena cava in the place where it crosses the diaphragm. When the muscles of the cats press the blood flow they cause vibrations that are transmitted by the bronchi.

3. They are calm

Cats usually do it when they relax when being caressed, when they feel safe or when they eat.

4. To communicate and Feed the young

Sometimes the cats purr at birth or when they are nursing their young and they in turn also purr when they are breastfed. They also emit sound to guide their kittens when they still can not open their eyes.

5. When they are Injured

There are cases in which they have done it when they were wounded, sick in pain or dying most of the time this is what makes a cat purr with more sound.

6. To indicate among them that they are sick

The purring can be a signal system between the mother and the sick kittens.

7. They try to strengthen friendship ties

One theory is that it is not a sign of love but of trying to show friendship.

8. They feel nerves

A cat when nervous (needing medical attention perhaps) can purr to avoid being hurt.

9. Just try to communicate

Experts expresses that a signal that the purring cat is communicating that it is not a threat.

Cat Purring: Do they feel good or bad

A newborn kitten two days old can already make sounds. This purr is used between the mother and the kitten to communicate and get oriented and know that everything is going well. A baby cat purrs and his mother can answer him. In this case the purring of a cat is a communication channel used when practically there are no other ways to do it, they simply know how do cats purr.

how does a cat purr

Purring in cats is usually activated in the morning or before sleep and accompanied by head-butting for caresses and rubbing all over the body or face. It can be interpreted that in its mimosos moments, it is evident that all its gestures could be saying: “I am very well, PURRRRRRRRR, I am great, PURRRRRRRRRRRRR, give me pampering, PURRRRRRRRRRR” like this is how does a cat purr in its way.

When purring cats secrete a substance in the brain that causes pleasure this is called endorphin. It is logical that wellbeing and purring go hand in hand and there are cats that repeat this sound at any pleasant time such as falling asleep or going to eat know about why do cats sleep so much.

The purring is pleasant for people

If the purr is pleasure it can be an ideal painkiller for humans. Put yourself to sleep next to a cat purring relaxes.

There are studies that show that the purring of a cat can be positive for our health or movements that defend that the best way to calm a baby is to put a cat purr. The purring of the cat is an unusual sound that has fascinated the scientific community for decades. This murmur is produced during the vibration of the vocal cords of the feline. You will ask yourself in what way and why is it so pleasing to the listener?

what is a cat purring

Veterinary experts explain that the purring of the cat is produced by the activation of a set of muscles of the larynx and the cat’s diaphragm. This movement in the internal muscles of the body causes a pressure change that causes turbulence in the air breathed by the cat. And it is precisely these muscular vibrations that people notice when we are in contact with a feline that purrs and relaxes us.

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With this you have know what is a cat’s purr and how does they make these sounds. If you have a pet cat at home then obviously you will know why do cats purr and whats are there meanings. For more information on cats then you can see out CatsFud community.

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