Why Does My Cat Lick Me? 6 Things to Know

Why does my cat lick me: The felines are wonderful and amazing beings. Although many say they are very independent pets they are also affectionate and love spending time with their owners. The demonstration of affection of our four legged friend can draw our attention, especially because of the texture of the tongue. In this article we tell you why your cat licks you.

There are many reasons to say why does my cat bite me or why cat licks you. Many of the reasons are especially there to know about why a cat licks you very much. Simply know about all the reasons about your cat and the time of its licking or biting you.

Below are the reasons to check why does my cat lick me. If you have a pet cat then you must see this guide to know about the cat licking and its phenomenon’s. There are many ways to know the lick of a cat. See our article below.


The language of cats

If your cat licks you frequently you will probably ask yourself the reasons that lead him to act that way. There are different reasons and here we tell you:

1. As a means of social connection

Cats not only groom themselves but also others. As there are certain areas that are somewhat complicated to “arrive” no matter how contortionist it always requires the help of another feline (mother, brothers, companions) to comply with personal hygiene.

This does not mean that your cat thinks you’re dirty and that’s why he licks you but it’s a way to bond with you by exchanging smells.

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2. As a way to express your affection

The language of the cats is not the same as that of the people and that need not be said. So how does he tell you he loves you? Licking you! For him you are his family and that is why he does the same as his mother when he was a baby. This way he shows your love and also that he is at ease by your side. Also it can be a way to compliment yourself by expressing that you feel safe in your presence.

3. As an anxiety reducer

If you see your cat licking himself compulsively (to the point of hurting himself) or that he has been angry with your hand or face it may be because he is going through a moment of great stress or anxiety. If you experience these symptoms you may want to lick or suck other surfaces and objects such as cloth, plastics, toys etc. This eases their tensions.

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4. As a game

Playing with our pet is really beautiful. For cats licking their peers reminds them of early childhood when they had not yet separated from their siblings and their mother. This link you have forged with you should not be cut. That’s why if he licks you in the middle of the game let him do it. He’s saying he has a lot of fun! Remember that the chemicals released during the game allow you to relax and be comfortable.

5. As for delimitation of the territory

Cats are very territorial. They try to leave their mark wherever they are so that everyone will know that he lives there. He even considers that you are his property and that’s why he licks you. The particles that expel through the saliva are fixed in you and you are already “marked”.

6. As an exchange of smells

If your pussycat lately is somewhat obsessed with licking your fingers and hands it is because perhaps you have been manipulating objects that attract your attention. It is normal to want to lick after you cook work with plants or certain elements.

Why does My Cat Lick me: How do I act?

If you have a puppy cat it is likely that you first lick it and then it bites you. This behavior is not to punish him much less, because for them it is a game and simple fun. It does not do it with evil. Of course the bites have to be soft.

Why does my cat lick me

Otherwise you should teach him not to do it. Pay attention if it is that it bites you hard and your fur is twitching because that is a sign that something you do not like or that you are having an aggressive behavior that must be eliminated.

Be patient with your kitten if it has been recently separated from its mother and has adopted you as a protector because it will lick you all the time. The same if a mother who has had several puppies and have already been adopted by other families.

Beyond any explanation if your cat licks you then you should consider it a gesture of love and love as there is no other. It means that he has a nice connection with you and that he loves you very much.


Hope with this you can easily know why does your cat licks you. You can simply have a look from us and know more about it. For more information on cats simply visit our Catsfud website, also share this community with your friends and help a cat to save.

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