Strange Cat Facts: Why Does My Cat Sleep on Me

Why Does My Cat Sleep on Me: There are several reasons why the pussycat likes to sleep with you: for the temperature, comfort, security and the relationship with you. Know the detail and whether or not to sleep with cats. Although each cat and each person is a world, there are many homes in which cats sleep in the bed of their human friend. In my case, it is so.

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Why Does My Cat Sleep on Me

For us it can be very relaxing and pleasant to sleep with our pussycat, but what does the cat look for when it sleeps with you?

Every day the same thing happens … It’s time to go to sleep, you lie down and the moment you do it, your cat huddles on your chest and purr until it falls asleep. If we will know! But, did you ever wonder why he does it? Do your friends’ cats do it too? It will be for these reasons that cats prefer to sleep on their owners. Do we take a look?


Why Does My Cat Sleep on Me

There are several factors that make the kitten feel comfortable sleeping in your bed, the main ones are:


Cats usually seek heat; In the only ray of sunlight that enters the house, in the radiators, in the blankets and … also in you. The cat seeks warmth at rest and usually gets it by sleeping in your bed, under your Nordic or even on top of you.


The cat can get to sleep anywhere, especially considering that they do it for about 15 hours a day. But what I liked most is to sleep in warm, comfortable and soft places. The bed seems to answer perfectly these characteristics. And the comfort they seek is not only physical, but the cat also finds protection and mental comfort sleeping close to you.


Cats are always aware of what is happening around them, and although sometimes they seem placidly asleep, it is to hear a loud and strange noise and they put themselves on alert. Sleeping near you gives them some security and tranquility.

The relationship with you

It can be more or less depending on the cat and you. But it is common for the kitty to miss you (especially if you work outside the home and it takes hours without seeing you). So you will want to take advantage of the night and be near you In addition.

In litter cats usually live piled up and give each other warmth, comfort, and protection. The cat usually sees you as one of your littermates. So head bites, caresses, and sleeping together are part of being “just another cat” for him. And, of course, sleeping together or on top of you is a way to show mutual affection

Way to show love

Finally, Cats are one of the creatures that have more love to give. Although sometimes they do not show it and they can look a little more uncouth than other pets. Imagine that he spends all day at home, doing his own. What it means sleeping, and when you arrive, what he most desires is to you and show you his joy that you are at home.

That’s the time to give him the attention he needs. Although cats are more than other animals, they need their good dose of love a day. And we love to give it to you!

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Is it Good to Sleep with Cats?

The truth is that many places are sleeping with the kittens, especially if you suffer from allergies and hygiene issues. Another cons found in sleeping with cats is that they have different schedules, and are usually active at night, so they can wake up.

Is it Good to Sleep with Cats

Sincerely, each person is free to decide if he wants to sleep with his cats or not. The important thing is that it is not changing, the cat does not understand that is allowed and, suddenly, is prohibited.

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Our Experience

I have it clear: yes I sleep with them. Although it is they who decide it, the door of our room is open and they go in and out with ease.

Personally, I considered that the advantages of affection, comfort, and well-being offered by sleeping with cats are above the disadvantages.

In our case, Kato usually gets on top of us. And it is more than just putting herself at the foot of the bed. Her alarm clock function is perfectly fulfilled, Since a short time before we wake up to go to work. They come to ask for your dose of morning minutes. Sometimes they are more considered and wait to see the first movement that indicates that either of them is waking up.

In fact, I have an allergy to cats (but it has not been an impediment to continuing these moments with them.

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