Why Does My Cat Stare At Me? What it Means


Why does My cat Stare at me

It’s hard to ignore our cat when it stares into our eyes. Want to know why does my cat stare at me… Then you are at the right place.

Why does your cat look at you this way? What happens behind those shining eyes?

why does my cat stare at me

Cats flicker a little

To begin with, many of you think that it is simply the fact that cats flicker less compared to humans. Therefore, we tend to interpret their behavior as something natural as in the case of the stare.

In spite of everything, you can feel spied on, since your cat observes everything you do. However, it is important to clarify that cats do not look at humans aggressively or territorially.

Body Language of the cat

The cat uses its body language as well as its look to imply many different things.

Your cat may express to you that he is hungry, thirsty, or even bored, some think that cats look at their owner with some curiosity, as if it were entertainment.


Your cat stares at you because he loves you

Although being seen directly in the eyes can give you a strange feeling …

Do not panic! When a cat stares into your eyes, it means that you feel safe and confident. It is important to know that when a cat takes a long time to blink, it can be considered as a sign of affection.

The next time your cat looks at you that way, you will know that he considers you important in his eyes!

Why does your cat stare into your eyes?

cat staring

That fixed look is not always the same and you will have to learn to differentiate each of its nuances. Some examples:

  • Your kitten chases you around the house and when you listen to him, he fixes his eyes directly on yours. Something is missing and that is his way of telling you: Water in your bowl? Is it your dinner time and you have not put it on yet? This look is not a strange behavior typical of your cat: it is only trying to capture your attention (especially if the gaze is accompanied by unexplained meows).
  • Notes that he is happy but he stares at you. It simply does so because there is something novel that catches your attention (in you or in your environment). A large and striking bag, the hairdryer in your hand while you fix your hair, a different telephone conversation (sad or happy …) Remember that cats are very observant and their sensory perception is very high. Any “novelty” will attract your attention and make you fix your feline look on you.
  • Try to impose. Keeping the look is often, on occasion, his way of challenging a possible opponent. They tend to do it in front of other animals (especially during the heat of the cats), but be careful if you see other symptoms of a possible aggressive behavior (you snorts, teaches the teeth, lowers the ears …). In these cases, you better divert your gaze.
  • He looks at you because he watches you with affection. Sometimes cats, keep their eyes fixed on you and, you can see how their eyes are closing from time to time. Your cat loves you. He is calm, at ease, and relaxed … he looks at you because he feels protected and he watches you with the best intention in the world, maybe thinking, I am a lucky cat!

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